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Saturday, 07 February, 2009

Who Wants A Tamale?
(with comments)

Tonight, tamales are courtesy of Nintendo.

Don't be shy.

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  1. By Oolon Colluphid. Comment posted 07-Feb-2009 @07:27pm:
    Are tamales the new bacon?
  2. By Oolon Colluphid. Comment posted 07-Feb-2009 @07:36pm:
    Darn, missed it: Free Burritos at Chipotle in Encino

    In honor of Chipotle Encino's grand opening, Thursday has officially been declared free burrito day!...
  3. By Pancho. Comment posted 07-Feb-2009 @07:40pm:
  4. By Mister E.B.. Comment posted 07-Feb-2009 @07:45pm:
    Hot Tamales!

  5. By J-Walk. Comment posted 07-Feb-2009 @07:50pm:
    After a careful study, I'm pretty sure that the Nintendo guy is actually handing out enchiladas. But they're still free, so have one.
  6. By Bisbonian. Comment posted 07-Feb-2009 @07:58pm:
    Must be tamale day. I am eating two green corn tamales at the moment. Got home from work, popped them into a steamer to heat up, turned on the computer to check the J-Walk blog...and I see I made the right choice for dinner.
  7. By Doug. Comment posted 07-Feb-2009 @08:19pm:
    I live on the border and don't recognize those Nintendo rolls as anything Mexican. It's not piggies-in-blanket either.
  8. By Bisbonian. Comment posted 07-Feb-2009 @08:30pm:
    Dang, now I got tamale bits on my keyboard.
  9. By Ense. Comment posted 07-Feb-2009 @08:39pm:
    Nintendo guy is handing out huskless tamales. The penalty is death. Tamales should be steamet inside a corn husk or a piece of banana leaf. If you have a chance to get the banana leaf style tamales, eat them. They are delicious.
  10. By Sam O'Rama. Comment posted 08-Feb-2009 @12:02am:
    In Chicago there is a guy who comes around to bars with coolers (though they are warmers in this case) full of cheese, chicken and pork tamales with salsa. $5 for a baggie of 6... I have never found a better tamale in the city. There are impostor tamale guys who make the rounds, but I avoid them. The original tamale guy's are the best.
  11. By Miss Cellania. Comment posted 08-Feb-2009 @11:51am:
    How do you like your tamale?

  12. By deaudonnee. Comment posted 08-Feb-2009 @01:59pm:
    I also thought they looked like enchalidas because the ends are open.
  13. By Ense. Comment posted 08-Feb-2009 @04:53pm:
    There are open ended tamales. The penalty for this is flogging. I think they are tamales rather than enchiadas because I don't see the rounded edges of a tortilla and the casing is much too thick. Someone skimped on the masa and made wimpy tamales.
  14. By Gee.... Comment posted 08-Feb-2009 @04:59pm:
    I think those Nintendo tamales are these:


  15. By Barbwire. Comment posted 08-Feb-2009 @06:50pm:
    Does anybody like sweet tamales? My daughter makes some really delicious sweet tamales. Even some with poppy seeds, which is mixing the Hungarian heritage with the Mexican.
  16. By deaidpmmee. Comment posted 08-Feb-2009 @10:32pm:
    I've never seem a sweet tamala but I have heard of them. I don't know anyone hereabouts that makes them but would like to find some. Did hear tell of a place in San Antonio where they make sweet tamales but only at christmas time.
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