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Friday, 01 December, 2006

When Whales Attack
(with comments)

Entertainment news: No Punishment for "Shamu".

... a stunt where the whale virtually catapults its trainer into the air from an underwater start, allowing the human to make a spectacular arc through the air before diving into the pool. Kasatka decided instead to drag trainer Ken Peters under by his left foot, first for more than half a minute; and then, after allowing him back up briefly for air, for more than a minute. Only Peters' cool ministrations to Kasatka and his fellow trainers use of hand-signals and underwater sounds prevented tragedy as a large audience watched, stunned. Peters is now in the hospital for a broken bone in his left foot.

There is no respite for Kasatka, however. She was back performing at SeaWorld on Thursday afternoon. The marine theme park does not believe in punishment and will not deprive her of food nor inflict anything corporal.

Well how nice of them. I'm sure they treat their animals very well at SeaWorld. But the fact is, they imprison these creatures and and force them to perform stupid tricks to entertain tourists. It's called exploitation.

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  1. By another larry. Comment posted 01-Dec-2006 @08:09am:
    If you get a chance, PBS has a great show called Dolphin Defender, puts a new light on just where these guys are coming from. They should all be let back into the wild.
  2. By Sheldon. Comment posted 01-Dec-2006 @09:13am:
    But doesn't this kind of exploitation help bring awareness to people about what is in the ocean and why they should be protected?
  3. By Sheldon. Comment posted 01-Dec-2006 @09:14am:
    Actually, now that I think about it, the 1 time I went to Sea World in San Antonio, when we left, I was SO hungry for fish...
  4. By William Tell. Comment posted 01-Dec-2006 @10:59am:
    I happen to know a lot about "killer whales" or ORCA as they are sometimes called, and specifically I know the "Free Willy" whale who was transported to Iceland (Vestmannaeyjar) and then they spent millions of dollars trying to get him to catch his own fish, and join up with a orca crew. Willy ended up alone, fed by people on a boat, and he swam to Norway and died. How sad is that? Reality TV in the natural world. How original is that?
  5. By beegee. Comment posted 01-Dec-2006 @11:14am:
    ...bring awareness to people about what is in the ocean ...

    Yeah, orcas are famous for catapulting humans in the wild. Happens all the time. I went to one of these shows at the Baltimore Aquarium and was creeped out by the smug, anthropomorphic tone of the show. Same deal with "Happy Feet" except the racism in the movie creeped me out even more.
  6. By Captain Ahab. Comment posted 01-Dec-2006 @04:01pm:
    No Punishment for Shamu?
  7. By wally the duck. Comment posted 01-Dec-2006 @05:02pm:
    Sounds like a bit of whale humor to me. A practical joke. I like it and I applaud Shamu: You're killin' em, big guy!
  8. By Mary. Comment posted 01-Dec-2006 @05:03pm:
    I think Sheldon may be right; a few are exploited this way, imprisoned, etc., but as a result, people come to admire and love the whales instead of thinking of them as "killer" whales. There was a time not too long ago when whales were butchered on beaches and the unwanted remains left to rot in the sun; today, when whales beach themselves, entire communities turn out to try to save them, and the public outcry against whaling has also brought some very positive results. It's possible the same results could be achieved through Nat'l Geographic documentaries, but there's a certain magic when a child sees the giant whale give the lady a "kiss" that stays with that child forever and influences all his future thinking about whales and dolphins.

    To me, this story shows that the whale still has a mind of his own, so his spirit isn't completely broken. Also, they are very well taken care of - their trainers are devoted to them.

    Just my thoughts.
  9. By Rance. Comment posted 01-Dec-2006 @06:17pm:
    It goes like this. The whaling crew heads out...

    Paddle and drag it back to the beach...

    Cut it up...

    Makes for happy, no longer hungry children...

    Eskimos use every bit of a whale. Right down to the bones.
  10. By Bisbonian. Comment posted 01-Dec-2006 @06:37pm:
    Eskimos use every bit of a whale. Right down to the bones.

    Foot bones? Maybe that's what Shamu was thinking of doing...
  11. By Rance. Comment posted 01-Dec-2006 @11:37pm:
    Kinda like pine tree's...most parts are edible!
  12. By Woody. Comment posted 02-Dec-2006 @01:09pm:
    Break the whale's fin to show him how it feels.
  13. By Rance. Comment posted 02-Dec-2006 @02:35pm:
    Woody how's this?

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