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Saturday, 07 February, 2009

Well, Did You?
(with comments)

A sign photographed by Danny Schmidt.

Austin, TX - Open Ears Concert series at St Andrews Church in north Austin. My kind of church … long on tamales, short on faith.

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  1. By Mean Jean. Comment posted 07-Feb-2009 @01:35pm:
    I love tamales.
  2. By Mister E.B.. Comment posted 07-Feb-2009 @02:34pm:
    "Did you pay for your tamales?"

    Yes, the next morning.
  3. By Greg!. Comment posted 07-Feb-2009 @04:01pm:
    Me too, Mean Jean! I've said it before, but it bears repeating: If they made a tamale-scented car air freshener, my car would smell like tamales in perpetuity.
  4. By J-Walk. Comment posted 07-Feb-2009 @05:12pm:
    Did you pay for your tamale-scented car air freshener?
  5. By Greg!. Comment posted 07-Feb-2009 @05:29pm:
    I would J-Walk, I would. I suppose I could just hang a greasy tamale corn husk from my rear view, but somehow that just seems wrong.

    I'm tellin' ya, there's a fortune just waiting to made in the manufacture and distribution of tamale-scented air fresheners.
  6. By J-Walk. Comment posted 07-Feb-2009 @05:39pm:
    Well, at least the market for tamale air fresheners isn't over-saturated.


    And THIS is certainly good news:

  7. By J-Walk. Comment posted 07-Feb-2009 @05:52pm:
    I also did some market research, and found this:

    I can't overemphasize how much I love tamales. I think I could happily subsist on a diet of nothing but tamales, flan, and cheesecake. If they made a tamale-scented air-freshener for your car, I would buy it! Seriously! - Greg

    I conclude that there's a pent-up demand for such a product. We need to find some investors. This could be big. Really big. Let's keep it on hush for now, OK?
  8. By Pancho. Comment posted 07-Feb-2009 @06:26pm:
    Maybe tamales are the next bacon.
  9. By J-Walk. Comment posted 07-Feb-2009 @06:48pm:
    The new bacon? Hmmmm... that's not a bad idea. I need to start a tamale category. In fact, I just did!

  10. By Ense. Comment posted 07-Feb-2009 @08:09pm:
    It is common for the cleaning lady in some parts of the country to bring a basket of tamales one morning a week and sell them on the honor system. I usually put in a couple of bucks extra to cover those who eat tamales without paying.
  11. By Paula. Comment posted 08-Feb-2009 @10:28pm:
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