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Monday, 02 April, 2007

Visualizing God
(with comments)

Today's poll.

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  1. By Imagineer. Comment posted 02-Apr-2007 @08:35am:
    C - but with Rayban Wayfarers.
  2. By Imagineer. Comment posted 02-Apr-2007 @08:41am:
    Actually, I'll go with None of the Above...

  3. By Sheldon. Comment posted 02-Apr-2007 @08:50am:
    I said D, but it's really A. God LOVES ZZ-Top. Really. He has all of there albums. When those guys die, they'll be bigger then Jesus in heaven...
  4. By Debb. Comment posted 02-Apr-2007 @12:10pm:
    How can it NOT be George Burns?

    Proves God has a sense of humor.
  5. By biff. Comment posted 02-Apr-2007 @02:44pm:
    Jesus just left Chicago.
  6. By Curtis. Comment posted 02-Apr-2007 @04:46pm:
    Anybody who did not vote A is going to hell.
  7. By Blayne. Comment posted 02-Apr-2007 @05:30pm:
    I voted early this morning thinking 'C' was the obvious choice and that everyone else would too. Has anyone ever "seen" this god?
  8. By J-Walk. Comment posted 02-Apr-2007 @05:39pm:
    I'm surprised by the lack of comments. I'm also surprised that 18.6% picture him as an old guy with a beard, probably sitting in a throne giving orders. And speaking in English.

    And what about all of the "none of the aboves?" Please comment and tell us how YOU picture him.
  9. By Andie. Comment posted 02-Apr-2007 @06:38pm:
    Whatever my husband did to our computer I am no longer able to view or participate in the polls.

    As an atheist I'd have to say "None of the Above" or one of the following
    http://pinker.wjh.harvard.edu/photos/new_zealand/images/meadow S Alps.jpg
  10. By Whoever. Comment posted 02-Apr-2007 @07:39pm:
    What about Bruce Almighty?
    or Evan Almighty?
  11. By Wendy!. Comment posted 02-Apr-2007 @08:24pm:
    Andie, If you wake up one day and photo number two is laying beside you in photo number one, you have died and gone to heaven.
  12. By Mary. Comment posted 02-Apr-2007 @09:52pm:
    Oh, yeah ....
  13. By Snag. Comment posted 03-Apr-2007 @06:32am:
    All things bright and beautiful,
    All creatures great and small ...

    Ha Ha Ha ... I'm thinking of the Monty Python version
    (must be this Dolcetto Syrah .. burp)
    I'd post the next few lines but I might get booted off

    Andie is close to the money, with her landscape pic.
    (I'd post an alternative to Paul Newman, but I might get booted for that, as well)
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