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Thursday, 11 September, 2008

Virginia Trip, Day 4
(with comments)

With 20 tires to be concerned about, I guess the odds of continuing problem-free days are slim. But, I get ahead of myself...

Minor issues would be something like:

  • Lack of laundry facilities in the hotel, causing dirty clothes to multiply rapidly for this family of four
  • Proper feeding of and caring for three varieties of domestic animals
  • Keeping two youngsters entertained and whine-free while enclosed in a truck cab

Prior to leaving Aledo, TX, they had to locate a feed store to purchase fresh shavings for the horse trailer. Next came the mucking out of the old shavings (blech!), replacing them with the new (much better!), and the re-loading of critters and humans before pulling out at 11:00 a.m. MDT.

But wait! 2:30 p.m. CDT: yet another flat on the car carrier - a different tire, however. They pulled off at Exit #111 on I-30, 15 minutes out of Cumby, TX to contact Budget and await repair assistance. Wait time: 1.5 hrs for service. John created a pie chart to summarize the tire situation so far.

I was confused by the fact there is not one, but TWO Exit 111s on I-30 - one located in Texas (near Cumby) and the other near Benton, AR so it took me a while to ascertain where exactly they were on the map.

This unscheduled stop gave the horses yet another opportunity to get out and graze - in a grain field this time. Picture this: 4 horses on their lead ropes, all leads attached to another rope, which was strung between a trash can and light post, horses grazing in the field; dogs leashed to the back of the trailer, enjoying the fresh air; poor Tequila the cat still stuck in her cage in the Ford. (She may be burning through a few of her nine lives during this journey!) Tequila is, however, treated to sleeping with the family in the hotel room at night (illegally, of course). Sweet Revenge!

I asked how the walkie-talkies were working out. Other than the children driving the parents crazy with them, the charge lasted for 2 days and they had them on as they drove. Not bad. Over.

As for the personal DVD players, those have come in mighty handy. My daughter has the added advantage in the Ford of having the audio come through the truck's speakers, so she picks out movies she wants to see (all kids' Disney movies - she's such a child!) and listens to luxurious stereophonic sound.

As they drove, I located Crowley's Ridge Overnite Stables in Forrest City, AR (shown here) with an American Best Value Hotel a scant mile away. Reservations were secured for the night - guaranteed for late arrival, as this has been the case since the start of this journey.

Carisa phoned at 10:00 p.m. CDT to say they were less than 10 minutes from the stables - a somewhat earlier evening for them.

Stay tuned. Who knows what will happen to those 17 unblown tires?

- Posted by Pamn

  1. By Curtis. Comment posted 11-Sep-2008 @10:50am:
    The teaching the kids to say "over" thing is hilarious. Is John a master of pesterment? The patience required to deliver the humor is what I most admire. My wife is also a great pestermenter.
  2. By Mean Jean. Comment posted 11-Sep-2008 @10:57am:
    We quit stopping in Forrest City because it was very remote and there weren't any good restaurants. I think there is one good BBQ place that the duck hunters go to.

    Remind the children to get their eyes full when they cross the Mississippi River about an hour out of Forrest City.
  3. By Mister E.B.. Comment posted 11-Sep-2008 @11:16am:
    Great blogging, Pamn. Stuck at home for months so I've been enjoying the eastward migration of your troupe--even if they're heading in the wrong direction. Another westerner here...Over.
  4. By Toad. Comment posted 11-Sep-2008 @11:40am:
    Yeah, tomorrow they cross the mighty Mississippi River. Have the kids ever seen it before? Tell them not to forget, as they cross the bridge, to toss out the window those tiny little boats that they carved. Then, they can calculate how long it will take the boats to enter the Gulf of Mexico (factor in hurricanes)! Magical.
  5. By Ice Giant 37. Comment posted 11-Sep-2008 @11:54am:
    They are a couple days ahead of Hurricane Ike. I hope they can keep on schedule.
  6. By Kashmarek. Comment posted 11-Sep-2008 @12:08pm:
    We will have to have J-Walk provide us with an analysis of the blog hits with regard to the Virginia Trip. I see a new permanent guest blogger in the future. The pay is good...ah, well...maybe not.
  7. By Gary. Comment posted 11-Sep-2008 @12:10pm:
    Watch the speed on the interstate around Forrest City, state trooper station, heavily patrolled. If I knew what time you are/were crossing the Mississippi, I could see you out my office window.
  8. By wally the duck. Comment posted 11-Sep-2008 @01:39pm:
    '3' and '17'... both very interesting numbers. Primes. Each is the third prime in its decade. Well, in base10.
  9. By Eenie Meenie. Comment posted 11-Sep-2008 @02:09pm:
    If you already mentioned this, I'm sorry. If not, excuse me for being nosy. What does your son-in-law do for a living?

    Fun reading, by the way.
  10. By Pamn. Comment posted 11-Sep-2008 @02:19pm:
    Eenie Meenie

    He's in grocery retail and did an inner-company transfer from San Diego to Roanoke.
  11. By Pamn. Comment posted 11-Sep-2008 @02:21pm:

    John is indeed a master of pesterment. Sometimes he gets caught in his own web because the kids are like a dog which will not let go of its bone - they can run a pesterment into the ground, trust me!
  12. By jhenderson. Comment posted 11-Sep-2008 @02:51pm:
    Your story line is perfect and you are bringing your cast of characters too life. I can hardly put this book down. Oh...wait a minuet this is a blog. Sorry I thought I was reading a great book.
  13. By wally the duck. Comment posted 11-Sep-2008 @06:12pm:
    Goin' tell your ma; goin' tell your pa. Goin' take you back to Arkansas.
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