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Wednesday, 10 September, 2008

Virginia Trip, Day 3
(with comments)

This trip continues to go very smoothly, so here's another dull update.

Yesterday the family was back on the road out of El Paso by 10:00 a.m. MDT. They stopped in Faben for gas (taking heed of the number of comments to gas up frequently while traveling through Texas).

As they drove, I began the process of locating the next overnight stay. Aledo, about 20 minutes west of Fort Worth, would put them at just over 601 miles for this leg. A Ramada, Ltd. was found just 5 miles from the RTM Ranch in Aledo, so arrangements were made for animal and people boarding.

They stopped at a truck stop in Odessa to give everyone a chance to get out of the trucks & trailer, eat, drink, breathe fresh air, and stretch a while.

What I found interesting about this stop was they tethered the horses where they could munch on grass - and there was a McDonald's for the humans. I doubt it's normal to drive through Mickey D's and see horses grazing in the grass right next to you. With dinner finished, it was back into confinement and on the trail eastward.

The entourage arrived at the RTM Ranch (shown here) just before midnight CDT to get the horses settled for the night. Jim reported the ranch had an indoor arena which, at first glance, they took to be an airplane hangar. RTM has lots of stables, horses, trailers, and rolling green pastures. A real horse heaven!

Then it was on to the hotel to bed down the munchkins and their exhausted parents. Yet another problem free day of Going to Virginny!

- Posted by Pamn

  1. By major_danny. Comment posted 10-Sep-2008 @12:16pm:
    Welcome to the Central time zone. Heck, that hangar/ stables sounds good enough for me to stay in. And, with McDonald's next door, what else do I need? Uh, they do have broadband for the equines I assume.
  2. By Damn Yankee. Comment posted 10-Sep-2008 @12:18pm:
    Funny you should mention it, Pamn. The few times I've eaten at McDonald's I thought about horses. :>)
  3. By Bret. Comment posted 10-Sep-2008 @12:21pm:
    I am really enjoying these posts.

    Thank you so much for sharing. Makes me want to go on a road trip with my honey.
  4. By Thrash Cardiom. Comment posted 10-Sep-2008 @12:57pm:
    "Dull updates" brings to mind the Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times".

    Let's hear it for dull updates.
  5. By Sheldon. Comment posted 10-Sep-2008 @01:11pm:
    Wow. If they came any further south I would have told you to stay at my Dad's ranch in Lexington Texas. I have really enjoyed this series as well. It's nice to get outside of the desert of Arizona sometimes...
  6. By Doug. Comment posted 10-Sep-2008 @02:09pm:
    Looks like they are making up lost time...and getting into Shoney's Buffet and Convoy country...
  7. By Ice Giant 37. Comment posted 10-Sep-2008 @02:15pm:
    Hurricane Ike is in the gulf, and is currently projected to hit Texas on Saturday. Looks like their timing is good.
  8. By Spokane Mary. Comment posted 10-Sep-2008 @02:57pm:
    I second the Hurrahs!

    I loved nothing better than traveling around the country, seeing things I hadn't seen before, when I was able to, and Pamn's narration of the story takes us all along on this pretty journey.

    I'm not surprised that the places they're staying with the horses are so nice - horse people are always good people.
  9. By Pamn. Comment posted 10-Sep-2008 @03:57pm:
    Spokane Mary

    Theo Brown, of the RTM Ranch in Aledo, took off in his helicopter today to assist hurricane victims. I would have to agree with you that horse people are always good people.
  10. By Norm. Comment posted 10-Sep-2008 @04:01pm:
    Could Pamn have a blog of her own, Please,Please,Please. This has been great.
  11. By Pamn. Comment posted 10-Sep-2008 @04:56pm:
    Thank you all for your positive comments - and some very helpful comments as well. I figure once my family arrives safely in Virginia, they can read these posts and remember where they've been and what happened to them on the way. HA!
  12. By J-Walk. Comment posted 10-Sep-2008 @05:28pm:
    Could Pamn have a blog of her own, Please,Please,Please.
    If she did start a blog, she would have to use this photo in the masthead. I've taken hundreds of photos of her, but I like this photoshopped one best.

  13. By Norm. Comment posted 10-Sep-2008 @05:58pm:
    John, you are a very sick person. I dare you to go to sleep tonight before Pamn.
  14. By Bisbonian. Comment posted 10-Sep-2008 @06:26pm:
    Hi Pamn! Nice blog!
  15. By Norm. Comment posted 10-Sep-2008 @06:31pm:
    The real Pamn
  16. By Pamn. Comment posted 10-Sep-2008 @06:47pm:

    Hi there! When are you coming back out to see us?
  17. By J-Walk. Comment posted 10-Sep-2008 @07:30pm:
    Hi there! When are you coming back out to see us?
    Hi there! We miss you. BTW, when are you going to get your motorcycle out of our garage? John said he won't clean the garage until it's out of the way. And make sure you bring Taylor so I'll have somebody to talk to while you and John play those stupid banjos. And I'll make salmon!
  18. By Paula. Comment posted 10-Sep-2008 @08:00pm:
    I am so glad everything is going well. It is a tough trip with children or animals but both!!! I tell both my kids that boring is undervalued. I love traveling the country, although my hats off again to Pam managing with kids and horses.

    Will continue to keep my fingers crossed for a safe end to their journey.
  19. By Ivan Peeler. Comment posted 10-Sep-2008 @10:33pm:
    "....... about 20 minutes west of Fort Worth, ......"

    Mellow enough to recall a Tandy, anybody ?

    Surely, PC Romance had had an initiation .......... in Fort Worth.

  20. By Snag. Comment posted 11-Sep-2008 @05:24am:
    Keep having those problem-free days. Safe trip !
  21. By Maconga. Comment posted 11-Sep-2008 @07:33am:
    600 miles is a great day pulling a trailer, especially considering the small carnival that's part of this deal.

    East of the Mississippi River, the traffic is going get worse and the number of idiots on the road will increase as well. But you already know that, I'll bet....
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