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Thursday, 30 March, 2006

Ugliest Watch?
(with comments)

Pamn's birthday is coming up. Should I get her the ugliest watch in the world?

Or about $15,699 less, you could eat a bag of skittles, stick your finger down your throat, throw up on your wrist, stick your cheap Timexή piece in the goo, and wait for the project to harden.

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  1. By ~Q~. Comment posted 30-Mar-2006 @06:18pm:
    "Gaudy" is the adjective that comes to my mind.
  2. By wally the duck. Comment posted 30-Mar-2006 @06:55pm:
    Regurgitated Skittles harden?
  3. By Jack. Comment posted 30-Mar-2006 @07:10pm:
    Break up with her on a blog entry!

    (Just kidding)
  4. By SuperSean. Comment posted 30-Mar-2006 @07:19pm:
    come on ya'll you gots to have the flashiest bling bling for spring yo
  5. By Beth. Comment posted 30-Mar-2006 @07:35pm:
    You were obviously never a little girl. ;-) I would have adored a cheaper, rhinestone version of this sparkly pink watch as child, and I would have wanted a matching one for my Barbie.
  6. By .... Comment posted 30-Mar-2006 @07:59pm:
  7. By MAPLE LEAF. Comment posted 30-Mar-2006 @09:58pm:
    Which one of the Bush girls did you see wearing this?
  8. By wabler. Comment posted 30-Mar-2006 @10:30pm:
    Well - ya turned me off Skittles forever.
  9. By Ever-Pleasant Jean. Comment posted 31-Mar-2006 @01:04am:
    Sometimes I'm grateful that I have an allergy that prevents me from wearing costume jewelry.
  10. By Mesjogge. Comment posted 31-Mar-2006 @02:11am:
    it is absolutely beautifull, in a kind of non beautifull ugly way. It reminds me of the beady things my sister used to wear when she was young. Although that ones didn't cost $16,000.
  11. By major_danny. Comment posted 31-Mar-2006 @03:35am:
    This would be the gift-giving equivalent to that experiment you tried, when you started calling her "cupcake" to determine how long it would take her to notice.
  12. By Birdie. Comment posted 31-Mar-2006 @06:39am:
    It's the pink band that does it for me.
  13. By ***. Comment posted 31-Mar-2006 @06:44am:
    just testing.
  14. By duck, wally the. Comment posted 31-Mar-2006 @06:47am:
    I'd probably swap the pink band out for a clear plastic one with bits of glitter in it.
  15. By Marilyn. Comment posted 31-Mar-2006 @08:58am:
    Well, I don't think anyone would steal it.
  16. By SuperSean. Comment posted 31-Mar-2006 @09:12am:
    With a value of more than 15k, I'd steal it
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