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Tuesday, 27 February, 2007

Tools For Cooking
(with comments)

At Mental Floss, Miss Cellania compiled a bunch of photos (and links) about Cooking With Tools.

My favorite is Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Made With an Iron.

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  1. By Wendy!. Comment posted 27-Feb-2007 @11:24am:
    Grilled cheese with an iron! Did you ever watch Benny and Joon with Johnny Depp and Mary Stuart Masterson? A Fabulous Movie!

    Madawinnie: I would walk 500 miles!!!
  2. By another larry. Comment posted 27-Feb-2007 @11:45am:
    We did the GCS with an iron a few times while in school. Used the butane torch to cook a number of items.
  3. By TV. Comment posted 27-Feb-2007 @11:52am:
    They did this on the TV show "Home Improvement"
  4. By William Tell. Comment posted 27-Feb-2007 @12:40pm:
    Rich Client.

    I just opened a butique in second life. Rich Client will go far! Go for the property grab in second life! Everyone get on their buggies and mark their territory, the future is digital.
  5. By Woody. Comment posted 27-Feb-2007 @02:47pm:
    You can make home made ice cream instantly with that common household item--liquid nitrogen.
  6. By Woody. Comment posted 27-Feb-2007 @02:50pm:
    Oh, no. I'm sorry. I posted that before I read the whole article and saw that the ice cream issue was covered. Never mind.
  7. By Greenboy. Comment posted 27-Feb-2007 @03:55pm:
    We have a top profesional chef here in the Uk that in a drive to find the perfect way to make certain dishes resorts to liquid nitrogen for ice cream and making chocolate bars using a vacuum cleaner!

    his name is Heston Blumenthal and has several books on Amazon.. clasic
  8. By wally the duck. Comment posted 27-Feb-2007 @04:50pm:
    It is still hard to beat the basic principle of the old Presto Hot Dogger.
  9. By EBay. Comment posted 27-Feb-2007 @05:11pm:
    With the right iron you can make Jesus faces!
  10. By Graeme. Comment posted 27-Feb-2007 @06:08pm:
    My brother had a similar Experience during basic training: Boiling a pot of soup on a iron turned upside down in a boot. I'm not sure how long it took to boil but it worked. It sounds like cooking pizza on a 40 watt light bulb!
  11. By Madawinnie. Comment posted 27-Feb-2007 @06:29pm:
    And I would walk 500 more!!!!!
  12. By Miss Cellania. Comment posted 27-Feb-2007 @08:50pm:
    I will have to investigate the chocolate bars made with a vacuum cleaner!

    Thanks for the link.
  13. By Snag. Comment posted 28-Feb-2007 @02:54am:
    What ? ... you've never stayed in a cheap motel and been too broke to buy pizza ?

    Damn Yuppies ! (grin)
  14. By Snag. Comment posted 28-Feb-2007 @03:06am:
    I'll tell you what else an old iron is good for, and that is welding black agricultural poly-pipes or making garden watering-system components (eg manifolds) that otherwise cost $100+.

    Cut the end faces square, heat both pipes by pushing against the base of the iron until small collars form, then simply press together and hold still until it cools a little. The weld will be STRONGER than the surrounding pipe.

    Oh, guys ... and then sneak the iron back into the laundry cupboard and try to pretend you don't know what happened to it (good luck).
  15. By Bisbonian. Comment posted 28-Feb-2007 @07:32am:
    Boeing pilots windows are heated to prevent icing over in lousy weather. The glareshield (dashboard) is flat black to absorb solar radiation and cut glare. MREs (Meals, Ready to Eat...simulated food for troops on a plastic pouch), when placed on the glaresheild and leaning on the window of a KC-135 become substantially more edible after about 30 minutes.
  16. By 12-stringer. Comment posted 28-Feb-2007 @11:57am:
    Cool, Bisbo - I didn't know you flew tankers, too.
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