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Monday, 01 January, 2007

The Perils Of Animal Sacrifice
(with comments)

Sacrificial news: Animal sacrifices maim 1,400 in Turkey.

Over a thousand Turks spent the first day of the Muslim feast of Eid al-Adha in emergency wards on Sunday after stabbing themselves or suffering other injuries while sacrificing startled animals.

At least 1,413 people - referred to as "amateur butchers" by the Turkish media - were treated at hospitals across the country, most suffering cuts to their hands and legs, the Anatolia news agency reported.

Four people were severely injured, crushed under the weight of large animals that fell on top of them, the agency reported. Another person was hurt when a crane used to lift an animal tumbled onto him, the agency said. Three other people suffered heart attacks and died while trying to restrain animals, CNN-Turk television reported.

Muslims sacrifice cows, sheep, goats and bulls during the four-day religious holiday, a ritual commemorating the biblical account of God's provision of a ram for Abraham to sacrifice as he was about to slay his son.

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  1. By another larry. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @10:24am:
    mmmmmmm happy new year cow!
    Here in the USA I just let gwbush do my sacrifing
  2. By Tombraider. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @11:10am:
    Those silly foreigners and their silly rituals! Why can't they be more like us enlightened Americans and celebrate the New Year by getting drunk and driving head-on into each other at high speeds? Much more civilized.
  3. By Rix. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @12:30pm:
    Some times karma acts quickly.
  4. By Wm. L. Bassett. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @12:45pm:
    Imagine a world where nature could to terrible things to people such as earthquakes, floods, etc. Simple diseases such as tooth decay could cost a person their life. They reasoned that various Gods influenced these forces and they needed to be appeased in order to treat people with fairness and kindness. The sacrificial system made sense. By offering up the pleasing scent of burning animals, indifferent Gods would be more likely to pay attention to the needs of people. The sacrificial system was an attempt to influence the forces of nature.

    The New Testament shows us that God is like a loving father and he wants us to relate to each other as brothers and sisters. The first four commandments tell us to love God and the last six tell us to love each other. Isn't this what all parents want for their children, to love each other? Christ's sacrifice on the cross put an end to the sacrificial system. Could loving God be pleased with Sunnis and Shihites killing each other?
  5. By Pancho. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @01:16pm:
    Yeah, but why does God hate amputees?
  6. By Curtis. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @01:29pm:
  7. By Pancho. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @01:33pm:
    At the start of one job we were involved with in Turkey, the local contractor sacrificed a baby goat, used the blood to bless the foundations of the building!

    I don't know about camels, but wasting good cabrito like that!? Criminal!
  8. By Ben. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @01:36pm:
    I'm trying to, um, work up a little sympathy for all those... "amateur butchers," but, um... Nope. Nothing yet.
  9. By Kahraman. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @03:20pm:
    where do you guys think the meat you eat at mcdonalds comes from? the people in the u.s.a. probably eat more cows than the entire muslim population consumes per year.
  10. By Heidi. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @03:25pm:
    Good. I couldn't give a care how religiously-based animal sacraficing is; slaughtering animals is a disgusting act of betrayal towards creatures that depend on human kindness for survival. Don't get me wrong. I eat meat, despite the knowledge of what it takes to get the burger on my plate. But killing an animal just to see its blood run no matter what the excuse is, that's vile.
  11. By Ben. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @04:06pm:
    Dear Kahraman,

    I don't eat cows. Or pigs. Or chickens. Or fish.

    I say slaughtering animals like this is not good.

    Argue, find fault, but you can't pin "hypocrite" on me.
  12. By Moon. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @04:49pm:
    I carved up a London Broil into steaks and grilled them on my George Foreman. Sweet! And cheaper than other steaks! Combine that with some cheap South African Pinotage and I'm in heaven. And drunk!
  13. By Mary. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @05:07pm:
    Could loving God be pleased with Sunnis and Shihites killing each other?

    What a strange question, Mr. Bassett: Why only Sunnis and Shiites? Would a loving God be any more pleased with us, as we're killing and being killed by both Sunnis and Shiites?

    Excellent, rix!
  14. By TrevOverT. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @05:10pm:
    That picture with all that blood is the worst thing you've done all year John and it's only the first day, but it has kept my second resolution not to drink blood pretty safe.
  15. By John Wilson. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @06:54pm:
    So Abraham was about to sacrifice his son when God stopped him and gave him a ram to sacrifice instead??

    I think that they should follow the Qur'ân more explicitly.
    And if God doesn't stop them and provide a ram as a substitute...??
  16. By ElMoney. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @01:15pm:
    Many religions that practice animal sacrifice will then use the sacrificed animal in a feast for the ritual participants, Vodoun is but one example.
  17. By Wm. . Bassett. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @06:08pm:

    The fight between Shihites and Sunnis are a danger to world stability at the present time. We talk about diplomatic carrots and military sticks while they recite passages from the Koran in their minds. The only way we can persuade them to stop is to convince them that Allah is displeased with suicide bombs, rocket attacks, etc. If we want to get anywhere with this mess, we must understand the way religion works. We need to know how their mind works. The Bible describes their thoughts and culture in great detail in the Old Testament and furnishes the solution in the New Testament. If we speak of salvation, the Old Testament describes what the New Testament saves us from. The Jews in exile in Babylon believed their military defeat was an act of God to punish them for disobeying his will. I do believe that God would approve of us trying to stop the killing.
  18. By J-Walk. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @06:20pm:
    The only way we can persuade them to stop is to convince them that Allah is displeased with suicide bombs, rocket attacks, etc. If we want to get anywhere with this mess, we must understand the way religion works.

    The way religion works is that people interpret their holy books in any number of ways, and then they are absolutely convinced that they are correct and have found the one true path to salvation.

    Mr. Bassett, It sounds as if you are talking about appealing to them with reason. As you know, reason and religion don't mix. Are you open to being convinced that your beliefs are wrong?
  19. By Mary. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @06:55pm:
    I do believe that God would approve of us trying to stop the killing.

    Well, you hang onto that thought, Mr. Bassett, since it works for you.

    Everything you think begins and ends with the Bible; everything a Muslim extremist believes begins and ends with the Koran. You're right and he's wrong; he's right and you're wrong ...

    The God I believe in would consider knocking your heads together.

    Answer me this: Do you honestly believe that you will convert a radical Muslim to your way of thinking? Even one of them? Or, in your way of looking at things, that your God, working through you, will convert a Muslim to a Christian? I mean, in "trying to stop the killing" I think we've killed between 20,000 and 30,000 Iraqis so far; that's certainly a faster way to reduce the Muslim count than to try to talk them into converting.

    Oh, never mind; I don't think I can do another round of this nonsense.
  20. By Wm. L. Bassett. Comment posted 03-Jan-2007 @10:05am:
    "As you know, reason and religion don't mix."

    How do we know this?? This is an axiom, an assumed truth accepted by blind faith. Where is the logic, experimentation, or expert opinion that establishes this "truth?" In my experience (scienttific, experimental observation), reason and religion mix quite well. You hold this axiom because your experiences are different. The most effective way to find a truth is to look for it. So, how can God possibly exhibit himself to those who deny his existence from the get go?

    Government has a duty to ensure domestic tranquility because the Constitution says so. Radical Muslims threaten our peace here in the USA. Therefore, we have a duty to stop them over there before they can export their terror here. If we could convince them to stop by reason, then we must delve into their religious logic. Otherwise, we must point loaded guns to their heads and pull the trigger. What approach would you would prefer? I think I know the answer. I agree.
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