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Saturday, 02 December, 2006

The Banjo Is Dead?
(with comments)

A new book was announced last month: Carole Wade's Death Throes and Demise of the Banjo. From the press release:

Today's banjo musicians have become boring. They talk excessively throughout their performances, grabbing one banjo to pick for a few minutes and then sharply turn around on stage to "hype" another banjo while at the same time same time "foot-stomping" frenetically. They repeat the same tired outdated story about themselves as they "skip-through" their alleged education from long-deceased traditional banjo musicians. Today's best known banjo players have never even taken the time to learn to read music!

That should be an interesting book. Obviously, Carole Wade has no idea what she's writing about. Right now, the banjo is more popular than it's been in a long time.

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  1. By jamo. Comment posted 02-Dec-2006 @07:10pm:
    Carole Wade is a pathetic moron. Obviously never listened to Bela Fleck. A true jazz innovator who happens to play the banjo. Check it out. You probably haven't heard anything like it.
  2. By Curtis. Comment posted 02-Dec-2006 @07:50pm:
    Hey, I just had a good idea -- while the banjo grows ever more popular, why not start a pizza franchise business featuring banjo wielding hosts in every pie shoppe! Sure fire, huh?
  3. By youngster17. Comment posted 02-Dec-2006 @09:21pm:
    what the heck is a banjo?????
  4. By Bisbonian. Comment posted 02-Dec-2006 @09:49pm:
    No, it's true...all the good banjo players are taking up the ukulele.
  5. By 12-stringer. Comment posted 03-Dec-2006 @12:36am:
    Common mistake - listen to a banjo, write a book about death throes.
  6. By Helgman. Comment posted 03-Dec-2006 @12:55am:
    "Today's best known banjo players have never even taken the time to learn to read music!"

    And as for the great tradition of folk music most of it has always been "word-of-mouth" and not passed on for generations by writing it down on paper ... so there has been no need to learn how to read music on the past ...

    But then again in this day and age I guess we have to change that for today we can't musicians walking around entertaining people when they can't even read the music they play, can we?

    They wouldn't know what they are playing, would they?

    I've taken the time to learn how to read music, but then again, I'm a crappy banjo player ...
  7. By cobra427. Comment posted 03-Dec-2006 @03:43am:
    I smell the challenge of a counter-claim book in the offing from you John.

    Or at least an interview with the offending woman in question !!
  8. By dinsdale piranha. Comment posted 03-Dec-2006 @07:36am:
    Or at least an interview with the offending woman in question !!

    Thats a good idea
  9. By Moon. Comment posted 03-Dec-2006 @02:31pm:
    The banjo may be dead, but the banjolele lives on!

  10. By Moon. Comment posted 03-Dec-2006 @02:34pm:
  11. By Bud. Comment posted 04-Dec-2006 @12:00pm:
    Yes, this woman is obviously an idiot. The only thing I felt worth mentioning is that it seems she is focused on an extremely narrow niche of music and performance. I won't waste my time reading this book just to find out how far she misses the mark.
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