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Wednesday, 09 November, 2005

That Home Depot Toilet Seat Story
(with comments)

You've probably heard about the guy who got super-glued to the toilet seat in Home Depot.

The Smoking Gun has the legal complaint -- complete with a photo of the fellow's rear end: Sticky Seat Case: The Smoking Bum?

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  1. By Robert. Comment posted 09-Nov-2005 @12:01pm:
    I didn't need to see THAT.
  2. By wally the duck. Comment posted 09-Nov-2005 @12:07pm:
    Turns out he may be telling something other than the truth, I understand.
  3. By kevboy. Comment posted 09-Nov-2005 @12:12pm:
    I'm torn on this one. I hate that our society is so quick to sue someone's ass (no pun intended there, I assure you), but at the same time, I hate that people would glue someone's ass to a toilet seat. I think I'd want to sue someone if that happened to me. That or beat them.

    But wally the duck has me intrigued - can you provide a link?
  4. By Uncle. Comment posted 09-Nov-2005 @12:16pm:
    If ever there were a tag line to prevent me from clicking on a hyper-link, you hit upon it John.
  5. By sasha. Comment posted 09-Nov-2005 @12:33pm:

    The Rocky Mountain News has been all over this earth-shattering story:

  6. By 12-stringer. Comment posted 09-Nov-2005 @12:59pm:
    I really wanted to empathize with the photographer for the Rocky Mountain News story in sasha's link, but it seems to be harder than I think it should. Ya gotta love being assigned to photograph breaking news, but what are you supposed to photograph? What a crappy job.

    "Keith Cabaniss stands next to a toilet at the Nederland visitors center, where former town official Ron Trzepacz says Bob Dougherty claimed to have been glued to a seat in 2004."

    "A" toilet? Not "the" toilet? Oh well, I guess that could come in handy for people who aren't sure what a toilet might look like.
  7. By kevboy. Comment posted 09-Nov-2005 @01:04pm:
    Desperate Housewives be warned! The goings on of Nederland, CO sound pretty craaaazy.
  8. By J-Walk. Comment posted 09-Nov-2005 @01:05pm:
    That is a pretty good photo, though. He was probably standing on the toilet in the adjacent stall, and used a wide angle lens with camera held arm's length high. I'll have to try that.
  9. By sasha. Comment posted 09-Nov-2005 @01:09pm:
    I'll kick in the first $10 for the Bail J-Walk Out fund.
  10. By Headgames. Comment posted 09-Nov-2005 @01:32pm:
    Is it just me, or doesn't it seem as if the redness is in the wrong place on that guy's behind? I mean, that isn't the area of your butt that touches a toilet seat, right? The red area in that picture would surely have been over the opening in the seat, not ON it. Or do I just have an odd idea of how to sit on a toilet?
  11. By wally the duck. Comment posted 09-Nov-2005 @01:42pm:
    sasha's link is good - the doubt is that apparently the guy MAY have claimed this same thing before. If so, the question would be: who put the glue on the toilet seat? Did he do it himself?
  12. By Jackson. Comment posted 09-Nov-2005 @02:04pm:
    No doubt, they'll get to the bottom of all this.
  13. By Jackson. Comment posted 09-Nov-2005 @02:06pm:
    ...and, in a somewhat related story:

    "Toilets Stolen from City Hall"

    "Police have nothing to go on"
  14. By ~Q~. Comment posted 09-Nov-2005 @02:59pm:
    That's my story, and... you know the rest.
  15. By another larry. Comment posted 09-Nov-2005 @03:45pm:
    A few things that make me wonder are MrDougherty is an engineer and Vietnam veteran. Any engineer worth his salt knows a toilet isn't designed to sit on. Add to that being a Vietnam vet and he should be practiced at the squat dump or helmet pudding, since there were few if any safe toilets in Nam..
  16. By another larry. Comment posted 09-Nov-2005 @04:34pm:
    Ok, which is worst?
    GREENSBURG, Pa. -- A Westmoreland County jury on Friday ordered a woman to pay $46,200 to her ex-boyfriend for gluing his genitals to his abdomen.
  17. By Gee.... Comment posted 09-Nov-2005 @04:47pm:
    I think he did it himself (the freak).

    For him to have sat in WET superglue, he'd have to practically meet the gluer on the way into the stall. That stuff dries pretty fast.
  18. By wally the duck. Comment posted 09-Nov-2005 @05:56pm:
    Agreed, Gee. I bet there is more to be told here. What if, for instance, they had store video of him buying some super glue? For that matter, they might have cameras in the bathrooms.
    Video cams in stores are very common. For instance, every person who enters a Wal-Mart is photographed at the door as they enter the store.
  19. By Jackson. Comment posted 09-Nov-2005 @08:42pm:
    There are video cameras in public restrooms? There's your next "Reality Television" series: "America's Grodiest Hineys" (or pehaps "Grunt; You're on Candid Camera")
  20. By danelle. Comment posted 09-Nov-2005 @09:37pm:
    On our Denver news tonight, the fellow is taking a lie detector test. Seems he made the exact same claim about a different store at a different time. Oops...
  21. By major_danny. Comment posted 09-Nov-2005 @11:07pm:
    I'm more interested in those rowdy cheerleaders gettin' it on.
  22. By ellen linkletter. Comment posted 14-Nov-2005 @08:03am:
    Am I the only person that thinks this guy did this to himself in order to sue? It would be pretty easy, just flush the super glue tube after using it. I mean, any guy that would look for the disposable toilet liner beforehand would either not sit all the way down or wipe the seat off before sitting. It reminds me of the nutjob that put a finger in her chili. I hope Wal-mart fights him, I think it's a scam and he deserves nothing!
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