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Monday, 01 June, 2009

Special Prison Accommodations Required
(with comments)

In Australia: Cripple drug lord caged for 10 years.

A QUADRIPLEGIC whose disability was compared to the late Superman actor Christopher Reeve, has been jailed for up to 10 years for conspiring to manufacture ecstasy.

Paul Baker, 36, of Colyton in Sydney's west, is the first quadriplegic in NSW history to receive a full-time custodial sentence.

District Court Judge Robert Toner's decision last Wednesday will force jail authorities to spend thousands of dollars modifying a cell for Baker - once they find a prison that can accommodate his considerable needs.

The NSW Department of Corrective Services has admitted it is yet to find a permanent jail cell for Baker, who is morbidly obese and needs 98 hours of care per fortnight, which will be provided by an independent care agency.

He cannot eat, drink, go to the toilet or wash by himself and requires a hoist to transfer him to bed from his motorised wheelchair - which he controls with a slight movement in one hand.

How much?

The department said it would cost about $200,000 per year to look after Baker, double the cost of an average "secure" prisoner.

Some $4000 was spent on modifying a truck to convey him from court to jail last week. It will be used again when, and if, authorities decide to relocate him.

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  1. By andrew. Comment posted 01-Jun-2009 @08:37am:
    Just let him go.
  2. By John Wilson. Comment posted 01-Jun-2009 @09:23am:



  3. By Yickhcr. Comment posted 01-Jun-2009 @10:24am:
    I'd say just lock him up in a regular cell.
    If he is well enough to deal drugs then i dont really care how he can or cannot live in a cell on his own
  4. By Shel-tone. Comment posted 01-Jun-2009 @10:49am:
    Why do they call him a "drug lord"? I don't get that from the story. I just sounds like he was trying to manufacture ecstasy, but the cops stopped him before he could. Sounds like he needed help, and it sounds like he found a way to get it: Either by supplementing his income selling ecstasy,(hooray super fun time) or by being in jail(not as fun, but at least he is taken care of...)).

    Than again, maybe he really is a bad guy and deserves to be rolled down a steep hill?
  5. By Chris J.. Comment posted 01-Jun-2009 @12:14pm:
    He cannot eat, drink, go to the toilet or wash by himself and requires a hoist to transfer him to bed from his motorised wheelchair - which he controls with a slight movement in one hand.
    Ok... I did skim read the article, but on the surface, this strikes me as funny as hell.... Here we have a drug lord who obviously can't produce or distribute anything on his own...unless it's done with his one hand. So, he must have henchmen to do his bidding? As a "drug lord" how does he keep his guys in line? Cross me and I'll run over your foot? Come closer so I can flick your ear...no no you fool, the other hand!
    If you jokers don't straighten up, I'll make you change my bag!
  6. By Ramon. Comment posted 01-Jun-2009 @01:17pm:
    Sounds to me like he just got a free ride for the rest of his life. Free Food, Free Medical Care, Free Housing, Free Everything. All of which is to be paid for by someones tax dollars.
  7. By sekirt. Comment posted 01-Jun-2009 @01:59pm:
    Probably be cheaper to keep him in his house - must have all the needed wheelchair, lifts, etc;

    Three guards, 8 hr shifts. Would be less than $200,000/yr.
  8. By john weeks. Comment posted 01-Jun-2009 @04:17pm:
    Yeah, but he's handsome...
  9. By LJW. Comment posted 01-Jun-2009 @04:37pm:
    Before reading the story, just looking at the photo, I thought it was a female
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