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Monday, 01 January, 2007

Saddam Is Not Dead
(with comments)

Stop the presses! Saddam is NOT DEAD!

Hi everybody this is Riccardo Garelli, today i've looked at the videos about the execution of Saddam Hussein, but i didn't believe that what it appears on my tv monitor was the truth.

I believe that like the 9/11 tragedy, the death of Saddam Hussein it's another event covered with too many secrets and mysteries to believe that it is exactly how it seems to be!!

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  1. By Rance. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @10:54am:
    Hey what took so long for the morons to start ranting this BS?
  2. By Tombraider. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @10:57am:
    Well, that took longer to show up than I thought. I just knew that within seconds of the execution being announced that someone would raise the issue of all of the Saddam look-alikes and speculate that this was not Saddam or was a phony execution. The Evil Monkey would have a PR spectacle to distract attention from the Iraq quagmire while still being able to make a deal with Saddam in order to pull out some sort of victory from the ashes. I will have to leave it up to the professional tinfoil hat wearers to work out all the nefarious reasons the Chimp-in-Chief would have to keep Saddam stashed away somewhere while making it seem Saddam is dead and why and how this plot would play out. I lack the requisite paranoid/schizoid imagination necessary to concoct the pulp-fiction fantasies of the extent of evil inherent in the Bush DNA.
  3. By MAYORBOB. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @11:04am:
    Riccardo Garelli is Monsignor Guido Sarducci! Happy New Year. Just remember, you're having a much better 2007 than Saddam is.
  4. By Mean Jean. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @11:58am:
    If Saddam were truly alive, he'd have his own reality tv show on HBO. Stay tuned.
  5. By Evil KLown. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @12:26pm:
    Evil Monkey
    Iraq Quagmire
    Distract attention
    Evil in Bush DNA

    Glad to see you didn't miss your bowl of TRITE-E-O's this morning.
  6. By Blayne. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @12:59pm:
    Saddam has left the building...
  7. By another larry. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @01:53pm:
    I check google and could clearly see Saddam eating BBQ'd ribs with the Bushs at a picnic
  8. By Tombraider. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @03:53pm:
    Hey, Evil, did I miss any?
  9. By Moon. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @04:45pm:
    Seriously, when I saw that video from the phone camera, I thought "Wow! This is faked! He's still alive."

    It just didn't look convincing.
  10. By TrevOverT. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @05:05pm:
    Well I just broke my first New Years Resolution,to not swear at the TUBE. Of course he's still alive, His loving daughter Raghad is hardly sad at all and still buying shoes in Jordan outdoing that Marcos Female. She would be distraught if he was dead wouldn't she? Well wouldn't she? Well maybe just a lttle sad as Saddam did kill her husband, but then, maybe the marriage wasn't going too well anyway, I mean she only had four kids and that is hardly showing a happy Arab family atmosphere.
  11. By Rance. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @05:30pm:
    Now that I think of it...did'nt he have an overly large stash of cash? Perhaps he bought his way out of hanging? Nah...that could never happen...could it?
  12. By lg. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @06:38pm:
    I thought that rope looked a little longish.
  13. By PK. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @07:42pm:
    I thought the custom was to put a black hood over the head of a person being hanged, once up on the gallows.
  14. By Saddam Hussein. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @07:58pm:
    Of course I'm still alive. After that faked death, I was snuck out of Iraq and am opening a falafel stand somewhere west of the Nile.
  15. By dan. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @08:28pm:
    You must believe this guy - Saddam is now in hiding with Elvis and Abe Lincoln - waiting for his turn in History. (Rumor has it that Pope John Paul hangs out with them on video night).
  16. By Raypower. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @08:37pm:
    Operative word being "Hang" eh Dan?
  17. By Paul Garrard. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @06:10am:
    He's probably sunning himself on some south sea island with princess diana !
  18. By Woody. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @06:31am:
    Sounds as if the author is a true capitalist--setting up an internet address with that name, writing an absurd story to attract links and readers, and then peppering his site with ads for people to click while driving up traffic so as to be able to get more money for the ads. He probably voted for Bush.
  19. By R2K. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @07:42am:
    Yeah he is with elvis.
  20. By Sheldon. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @12:51pm:
    January 2nd, 2007
    3,003 Dead.
    Can we Please stop before we get to 4,000? Please?
    Somebody stop this.
  21. By Debb. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @01:59pm:
    I didn't see any of the news coverage, being ill over the weekend. Therefore, since I didn't see it, it didn't happen, right?

    I agree Sheldon. "Where have all the flowers gone?"
  22. By toktok. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @02:37pm:
    Believe it or not but we seen enough, the man definitely lives! A man this powerfull among the people that simply hung him. They would piss there own pants simply looking at the man. It would never had happened this way if it where true. There is no reason the hang him there is lot's more not too! Nobody would come up to the idea to bring a reasonable camera because it is just a day out with the kids hanging somedbody?! In Irak they do have very good camera's believe me. Just take a look at all propaganda images Irak made before. They look all similar and this is just another one. It simply can't be true this way. If there is oil involved.....
  23. By robert.wood. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @03:49pm:
    This guy is hilarious - although I stopped reading after a few paragraphs. Anybody posting a text this long without clear divisions, paragraphs, whatever..., KNOWS it won't be read.
    Actually, I think that's what the guy wants: lots of people visiting his site, with nobody actually reading all the stuff he writes.

    His last line however is absolutely fantastic: "...I’ve never talked about politics for such a long time in my entire life!" How's that for diminishing your credibility?
  24. By Normal human (neutral spectator). Comment posted 04-Jan-2007 @12:00pm:
    ''By Evil KLown. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @12:26pm:
    Evil Monkey
    Iraq Quagmire
    Distract attention
    Evil in Bush DNA

    Glad to see you didn't miss your bowl of TRITE-E-O's this morning.''

    Saddam was (he is) evil. But for me, amercians is just a disposable white trash. Iraq and USA can blow each other, i dont give a damn. So please, do wherever conspiracy you wanna do.
  25. By GlennInBR. Comment posted 06-Jan-2007 @01:10pm:
    Oh yes, Saddam is alive. My travel companion and I noticed him in one of the Las Vegas casinos over the holidays ... without his beard. A striking resemblance, anyway.

    No, we did not see Elvis, too (although we had the opportunity). ;-)
  26. By oday. Comment posted 07-Jan-2007 @11:52pm:

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