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Monday, 01 June, 2009

RIP: Giant Pig Really Liked His Beef
(with comments)

In Australia: Giant feral pig shot on Pilbara cattle station.

THIS giant feral pig was shot on a Pilbara cattle station after it was spotted eating a dead cow.

The picture has been circulating on the internet alongside claims the boar was killed at various locations across Australia.

It was written off as a hoax by many, including WA's Department of Environment and Conservation, and sparked much debate when published on website PerthNow.

But The Sunday Times has confirmed that the pig was shot on a Pilbara cattle station near Newman, 1200km northeast of Perth.

Sources close to the family of the man in the photo have confirmed he is Pilbara pastoralist John Anick and the picture was taken on his property three years ago.

Three years ago! I can't believe I'm blogging about a 3-year old event. Too late to stop it. I've already invested 90 seconds on this story, and I'm not gonna kill it now.

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  1. By Tim. Comment posted 01-Jun-2009 @06:59pm:
    Feel sorry for the hog. No telling how old it was. And he was cleaning up the environment, in his own way....
  2. By J-Walk. Comment posted 01-Jun-2009 @07:00pm:
    Shouldn't feel sorry for him. He's in hog heaven right now.
  3. By Mr.E. Comment posted 01-Jun-2009 @07:16pm:
    Mmm...beef stuffed pig.
  4. By kashmarek. Comment posted 01-Jun-2009 @07:51pm:
    Chances are it is a hoax. There was a similar story in the U.S. some years back that even made it to TV as some kind of cable channel special, Hogzilla (Google search tells all).
  5. By Brent. Comment posted 01-Jun-2009 @08:18pm:
    This is seven years more current than the last post. Good work, John.
  6. By J-Walk. Comment posted 01-Jun-2009 @08:32pm:
    Thanks Brent. I'm working on the timeliness problem.

    By tomorrow, you should only be seeing posts about news items that are less than two years old. I'm working on a story right now about the winner of the 2008 presidential election. I'm not giving it away, so you'll have to check back tomorrow to read about John McCain's stunning victory -- which, by the way, got me a year of free bacon.
  7. By Gee.... Comment posted 01-Jun-2009 @08:42pm:
    Feral hogs are a big problem in Australia, like bunnies, they do not belong.

    I remember a story about how the feet of hogs and sheep and cattle are messing up the very dirt they walk on because the ground isn't used to pointy, hard feet.

    Ah, I'm a huge Britophile and love the UK and British history and culture, but dam, did they have to bring EVERYTHING with them? Hogs and bunnies and foxes in Australia, starlings and sparrows here...Imperial Britain, on the forefront of the invasive species movement since Vicky was a girl!

    I do like pheasants though...they're cool.
  8. By Redwood. Comment posted 02-Jun-2009 @07:27am:
    Evidently it's pretty easy to set up a pig shot to make it look like the pig is quite a bit larger than it really is. Here's my brother-in-law before a barbeque last summer:


    Even more impressive when you note that B-I-L is a very, very big boy himself.
  9. By 12-stringer. Comment posted 02-Jun-2009 @11:01am:
    Not mentioned in the article was how the cow died - asphyxiated while wolfing down a rather hefty serving of turducken.
  10. By bundukundu. Comment posted 02-Jun-2009 @04:00pm:
    This is seven years more current than the last post. Good work, John.
    ... and 54 years more current that the post before that. Keep up the good work, John
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