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Thursday, 08 May, 2008

Rifle Manual
(with comments)

From the Department of the Army (1969), Will Eisner's M-16 Rifle Manual.

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  1. By Sheldon. Comment posted 08-May-2008 @10:07am:
    another larry, did you get one of these (the comic)? I assume you used this gun? I have a relative that still has a M16. He let me hold it. It was much bigger and heavier than I thought it would be.
  2. By another larry. Comment posted 08-May-2008 @10:18am:
    Funny you asked Sheldon, yes I do and I also was able to bring back my rifles along with a bunch of other LS48 gear and jungle junk. My jungle boots were stolen years ago.
  3. By Sheldon. Comment posted 08-May-2008 @10:23am:
    So did you clean your gun as much as the comic seems to imply?
  4. By another larry. Comment posted 08-May-2008 @11:10am:
    Maybe more so since I used it a few times for digging holes in the mud. I had a couple girl friends that enjoyed cleaning my guns too. The cleanings were never as critical as packing my parachute and I often showed up well after the mass killings had taken place to hand out smokes and check the body bag count (us/them). You said, "It was much bigger and heavier than I thought it would be", I've heard that same thing from a few friends, my kids and nephew. It sort of looks like a squirt gun until you pick it up. I’ve got an old carbine from my embassy duty that is the same, looks deceivingly small and light until you grab it. I ended up pin stripping the carbine, 16 and an old Turkish Mauser I have and mounting them on the kids wall. I don’t do any shooting any more
  5. By HopeHope. Comment posted 08-May-2008 @02:49pm:
    A hot babe holding a weapon? If only Chuck Heston were alive to see this!
  6. By another larry. Comment posted 08-May-2008 @03:44pm:
    Hey Sheldon
    I remember watching this
  7. By haywood jablomy. Comment posted 08-May-2008 @10:00pm:
    Must have been from PS magazine, which Eisner helped create as an instructional aid for soldiers.
    Will Eisner - creator of "The Spirit" and other characters - was a believer to the end in the power of comics as a storytelling and educational medium.
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