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Friday, 01 January, 2010

Punishing Conjoined Twins
(with comments)

Nick Kam writes: Half Guilty.

How would the American legal system punish conjoined twins if one committed a murder while the other was completely innocent?

Let's consider, for the sake of argument, that we are dealing with dicephalic parapagus conjoined twins, conjoined twins with two heads sharing one body. Each twin controls one half of the body, neither can control the other's half of the body, and neither can feel what the other feels. This is the physiology of the Hensel twins, Abigail and Brittany Hensel.

Further, you must accept that these are two separate individuals because: 1) they have two separate consciousnesses, 2) they exhibit distinct personalities, or 3) they each had to pass the driving exam.

He concludes that they would not be punished.

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  1. By Mean Jean. Comment posted 01-Jan-2010 @10:43am:
    Nick Kam deserves punishment for...the list would surpass the 1,000 character limit.
  2. By Curtis. Comment posted 01-Jan-2010 @10:49am:
    That idiot Nick Kam obviously hasn't seen Evil Dead or he'd know how things actually go for real two-headed people.

  3. By Mean Jean. Comment posted 01-Jan-2010 @12:01pm:
    Oh! I forgot about Zaphod!
  4. By Evil Klown. Comment posted 01-Jan-2010 @12:14pm:
    I wonder what would happen if one of them shot themselves (or got shot) in the head.
  5. By Don Coyote. Comment posted 01-Jan-2010 @01:43pm:
    One conjoined twin to the other:

    "How about...?"
    "Not tonight. I'm not in the mood."
    "OK, I'll wait until you're asleep."
    "Don't even try. And keep your hand on top of the covers."
  6. By Dean Booth. Comment posted 01-Jan-2010 @03:22pm:
    If twin A killed twin B and twin A also died as a result, would A's insurance policy with a no-suicide clause pay off?
  7. By Shel-tone. Comment posted 01-Jan-2010 @03:23pm:
    When I first looked at the head line I read "Giant Cajones Twins" and I was thinking: "Hmmm.. now THAT'S interesting..."
  8. By pablovski. Comment posted 02-Jan-2010 @08:33am:
    i read that the original Siamese twins were the subject of this dilemma. One of them punched a press photographer, but they were released as the Judge ruled that to imprison the other would amount to false imprisonment.

    I forget where/when ... but i'll look it up and let you all know !

  9. By J-W #656. Comment posted 05-Jan-2010 @08:15am:
    5. Don, I think Twin A should have Twin B arrested for sexual assault!

    Oh, wait...
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