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Friday, 01 December, 2006

Pork Month
(with comments)

At Flickr, mandydale's 30 days of pork. Here's Day 10:

Day 10 was a big day. A very big day in the realm of pork eating. A monumental day in fact. Min Suh and Ingrid drove up from Los Angeles, with a cooler in hand to make one of the best pork meals I had thus far. Here you see pork belly (looks a lot like bacon, but is cured differently) on a table-sized grill.

(Thanks Kip)

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  1. By topman. Comment posted 01-Dec-2006 @09:15am:
    Pork is the food of international peace and brotherhood.

    Never trust a man who will not eat pork.

    All things in moderation. A balanced diet should not exceed 30% pork. Got to save room for BBQ brisket and roast leg of lamb.
  2. By Jackson. Comment posted 01-Dec-2006 @12:12pm:
    Jews and Muslims, in other words.

    Why did they pick December, again?
  3. By Andie. Comment posted 01-Dec-2006 @08:35pm:
    ...and vegetarians, Jackson.
  4. By topman. Comment posted 01-Dec-2006 @09:33pm:
    Jews, Muslims, Hindus, vegetarians. In good company and secure environment, any one of them will will gladly partake of pure porky goodness.

    All of us, deep in our hearts know the difference between good and evil. Morsels of a porcine nature are truly a gift of the Gods, albeit a forbidden one in some faiths.
  5. By Rance. Comment posted 01-Dec-2006 @11:35pm:
    Whale Bacon!

    whaleharvestza0.th.jpg border=0
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