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Monday, 01 December, 2008

Parking Lot Cemeteries
(with comments)

Apparently, it's not too uncommon: Cemeteries in Parking Lots.

While I was researching the "Cemetery Safari" chapter for my upcoming book Weird Oklahoma, I came across an unusual burial site west of Tulsa that was entirely enclosed within a strip-mall parking lot. Once sacred ground, it's now a conspicuous patch of grass in a sea of asphalt, a quirky spectacle to the shoppers forced to drive around it on their way to Radio Shack.

The handful of graves had become an absurd sight gag that punctuated the often indiscriminate momentum of American progress. And it got me thinking: were there others like it?

Here's Burr Cemetery in Commack, New York -- right next to Home Depot.

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  1. By Lita. Comment posted 01-Dec-2008 @08:12am:
    I read your article and was about to tell you about a little 4 grave cemetary in the parking lot of my local Home Depot, when saw the caption to your photo.

    Nice to learn that it's called Burr Cemetary.
  2. By Miss Poppy Hussein Dixon. Comment posted 01-Dec-2008 @09:03am:
    That's disturbing. I don't think I could shop there.

    My family's cemetery used to be out in the boondocks, but is now in the backyard of two homes in a gated community. I'm really happy about that because it's protected from vandals and one of the families is very protective of it. Still, it's a little strange.
  3. By csi. Comment posted 01-Dec-2008 @10:40am:
    Walking distance from my house. Employees of Home Depot sometimes take their lunch breaks at the picnic benches outside the fenced-off cemetery. I must remember to check out the dates on the tombstones next time I pass.
  4. By Ramon. Comment posted 01-Dec-2008 @01:29pm:
    There is a similar one in Huntsville, Alabama on University Drive. It is in front of a closed Home Depot (now a Burlington Coat Factory store) and the shopping center entrance off of University and Rideout Drive.
  5. By NoAlias. Comment posted 01-Dec-2008 @06:41pm:
    I think Prime Outlets in Williamsburg parking lot was built straddling a cemetery.
  6. By Nakata. Comment posted 03-Dec-2008 @01:34am:
    You americans with your quirky cemeteries!
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