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Tuesday, 02 June, 2009

Origins Of Texting
(with comments)

Before the internet (1943), this is how people communicated.

Notice the two clocks. One displays Pacific Time, and the other Mountain Time. Both have a warning sign: "This clock is 1 second fast."

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  1. By Toad. Comment posted 02-Jun-2009 @08:46am:
    OMG ur clock is fast
  2. By MAPLE LEAF. Comment posted 02-Jun-2009 @09:35am:
    With that sort of sloppy timekeeping it's no wonder that technology faded away!
  3. By 12-stringer. Comment posted 02-Jun-2009 @11:11am:
    Mighty impressive filing system happening in that shelving unit just to the left of the window, which also offers a convenient place to mount the fire extinguisher. At least, I hope it's a filing system - I'd hate to think that that could be her inbox.
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