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Saturday, 07 February, 2009

Old Lady Complains About Tamales
(with comments)

Three days after 9/11, and this old lady is complaining about tamales.

Click here for the punchline. It should be listed at Comics I Don't Understand.

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  1. By Oolon Colluphid. Comment posted 07-Feb-2009 @07:32pm:
    The punchline: "Three tamales."
  2. By wally the duck. Comment posted 07-Feb-2009 @07:40pm:
    Blogger on eHam diet driven mad by hunger, posts endless series of food-related posts.
  3. By J-Walk. Comment posted 07-Feb-2009 @07:47pm:
    No kidding. I'd give anything for half a tamale.
  4. By Oolon Colluphid. Comment posted 07-Feb-2009 @07:48pm:
    Tamale time in Tucson

    The entire town celebrates the harvest of green chiles and corn with a lively assembly-line party.
  5. By Oolon Colluphid. Comment posted 07-Feb-2009 @07:53pm:
    Half of that giant tamale would bust your diet.
  6. By jigawatt. Comment posted 07-Feb-2009 @07:57pm:
    The best tamale I've ever had was at McClards BBQ in Hot Springs, AR. Not as much the tamale itself, but all the BBQ they pile on top of it.

    Now I can't wait for my next trip to Hot Springs.
  7. By Banjo Brad. Comment posted 07-Feb-2009 @08:07pm:
    The best Tamale I ever ate was right here in Tucson, but it was in the 70's and I don't think the restaurant is there anymore. At least, I haven't been able to find it since I moved here.
  8. By Ense. Comment posted 07-Feb-2009 @08:44pm:
    This is obviously a reference ot the convention of the cleaning lady bring tamales on Friday and selling them on the honor system.

    I'm sure the tamales are quite good in Tucson. But some places have huge banana leaf tamales. If you find them, try them.
  9. By concertinist. Comment posted 07-Feb-2009 @09:48pm:
    Fish tamales started to be kind of a big thing here about 10-12 years ago. Can lutefisk tamales be far behind? Or falafel al carbon?
  10. By L.. Comment posted 08-Feb-2009 @03:07am:
    Actually I get that one and it's quite funny! I still don't get 3 apples though.
  11. By Harvey. Comment posted 08-Feb-2009 @06:36am:
    Lutefisk is a scandinavian cultural food made by preserving fish in lye. It's awful.
  12. By Namowal. Comment posted 08-Feb-2009 @07:13am:
    I'm part Scandinavian. I've been exposed to Lutefisk. Harvey is correct. It's nasty.
  13. By Count Stockula. Comment posted 08-Feb-2009 @07:56am:
    Favorite tamales: At the bottom of a bottle of tequila on South Padre Island, the local tamale lady knocked on the door. Talk about timing.
  14. By Phos..... Comment posted 08-Feb-2009 @08:21am:
    Just for the record:

    In my opinion, the writing in the Frazz strip is often some of the funniest, most clever on the page.
  15. By Landstander. Comment posted 08-Feb-2009 @12:01pm:
    I think the punchline is Lutefisk is one of the most disgusting things people voluntarily eat.
  16. By Jimtown. Comment posted 08-Feb-2009 @01:31pm:
    How about a nice steaming serving of Korv? Once cooked,it looks exactly the same before and after eating. mmmm... gotta love Scandinavian cuisine
  17. By deaudonnee. Comment posted 08-Feb-2009 @01:57pm:
    If you are in Houston on Highway 6 North, look for The Tamale Queen on the left hand side of the street just past Keith Harrow and the DVD rental place - she's got pork, chicken and beef and they are really good with a can of "good" chili (or better yet, your own receipe) dumped over them. Especially good for Sunday breakfast.
  18. By Stoli. Comment posted 08-Feb-2009 @02:32pm:
    I think that is pretty damn funny, if I do say so. Being Norwegian myself, the family would try to trick us kids into eating that nasty each xmas. I'll eat warm squid with mayo. I'll eat anything that lady in the Dim Sum restaurant gives me with out asking. But I won't eat that.
  19. By Ense. Comment posted 08-Feb-2009 @04:49pm:
    Thanks for the info about the Tamale Queen. I lived in Glencairn in the late 70s and know exactly where Kieth Harrow is. When you say it's "on the left" is that as you're going north from I-10 or south from 290? I sometimes find myself that far out and good tamales are worth the side trip.
  20. By Barbwire. Comment posted 08-Feb-2009 @06:47pm:
    How can you get three apples (which I still don't), and not get lutefisk? And yes, it's nasty. BTW, the singular of tamales is tamal.
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