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Monday, 02 April, 2007

Oh Baby, Me Gotta Go
(with comments)

Happy birthday: Garage-rock anthem "Louie Louie" turns 50.

Turning 50. It's a daunting prospect for anyone (and I should know). But for a pop song? Most fade away long before they reach that mark. One exception: the legendary "Louie Louie" - that eternally youthful 1960s garage-rock anthem first recorded exactly 50 years ago this month. Far from shuffling off to a quiet retirement, evidence indicates that "Louie Louie" may actually prove to be immortal.

It was written by Richard Berry in 1955, and was released in April, 1957. It was recorded by the Kingsmen in 1963.

More about Richard Berry.

(Thanks Annette / Sparky / MakingitupasIgo / Sparkit)

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  1. By Sheldon. Comment posted 02-Apr-2007 @09:51am:
    "Louie Louie" was investigated by the FBI:


    (Tipper Gore wasn't involved in this...)
  2. By Paul. Comment posted 02-Apr-2007 @10:28am:
    I remember passing around the "real" lyrics in high school. I saw the Kingsmen in concert at one of the Dick Clark Caravan of Stars shows.
  3. By Sparkit. Comment posted 02-Apr-2007 @01:41pm:
    Apparently, its our state's official rock song. And the only tune I might remember how to play on guitar.

    BTW: before this intertube thing I only went by one name, Annette. What's happened to me?!
  4. By Imagineer. Comment posted 02-Apr-2007 @01:54pm:
    "BTW: before this intertube thing I only went by one name, Annette. What's happened to me?!"

    Know what you mean, Sparkit. It's all a bit confusing for...some. I used to be Pedro Subrosa and then Original Zen (and variations on those themes) but someone started posting as *me* so I went back to the former. Then packed it all in for several months to do something meaningful with my life. As *you* know, offsite, you can call me Peter (but I'm not the guy that's posting as "Peter"). Just don't call me Pete...Thought I'd "out" myself and save our blogmaster the trouble. Same old me, same old IP address.
  5. By Snag. Comment posted 03-Apr-2007 @06:38am:
    Imagineer ... but you told me your name was Cyril !
    (just kidding .. grin)
  6. By major_danny. Comment posted 03-Apr-2007 @07:23am:
    The next time somebody inquires about my age, I'll tell ‘em I'm younger than Louie, Louie. (Barely.)
  7. By Imagineer. Comment posted 03-Apr-2007 @09:07am:
    Cyril? Must be the mutually exclusive colonial versions of the Mother Tongue, Snag. I said "serial" although "seral" is closer to the truth.
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