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Tuesday, 01 January, 2008

Letter To The Editor
(with comments)

This letter to the editor was published two days ago in the Salt Lake Tribune -- just in time to qualify for the stupidest letter of 2007.

It's written by Vera B. Ivie, and is titled Blame atheists. How many logical/factual errors can you spot?

In his Dec. 27 letter, Steven Fehr says he believes President Bush is the worst president he has seen. Whenever I hear someone complain about the president, I ask them, "Do you pray for the president of the United States daily?" Is that too much trouble?

There used to be a custom of praying for our president. Perhaps too many people in the United States believe this would be mixing politics and religion. If the majority of the people are agnostic and atheistic, it may be that they are partly to blame for the problems we have. To think one man is responsible for the war and the problems we face in our nation is about as foolish as to not believe in the power of prayer.

We all share in the burden. We all need to live and teach the truths upon which our country was founded. The world is made up of two types of people: critics who are negative, fearful and have no plan, no vision, no faith, and authors who are positive, visionary builders. Which kind are you?

(via One Good Move)

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  1. By Mean Jean. Comment posted 01-Jan-2008 @10:09am:
    Hoo boy, let me wipe the tears from laughing so hard out of my eyes so I can see to type! If only it was that easy.

    What does this say about the thousands, if not millions, who are truly praying for Georgie? I mean praying for him to do a good job, do the right thing, be successful? You know they are. You know they are wasting their breath.
  2. By wormpicker. Comment posted 01-Jan-2008 @10:27am:
    Mean Jean, don't you know that God doesn't bother to listen until ENOUGH people have prayed for the president? He needs a quorum.
  3. By phoberomys. Comment posted 01-Jan-2008 @11:20am:
    Haphazard praying won't do it.It has to be done at specified times in a specified direction. And Bush should have slaughtered and sacrificed the thanksgiving turkeys.
  4. By another larry. Comment posted 01-Jan-2008 @12:18pm:
    I'd have to say all the praying is working since he's been able to make himself and friends richer while killing hundreds of nonchristians with his army of moronic infidels
  5. By Doug. Comment posted 01-Jan-2008 @01:35pm:
    Yup, that's it, Bush is the worst President ever because John didn't pray for him.
  6. By Andie. Comment posted 01-Jan-2008 @10:16pm:
    We shouldn't have to pray for someone we didn't vote for, no?
  7. By Barbwire. Comment posted 01-Jan-2008 @11:18pm:
    If praying were truly efficacious, shouldn't we all pray for those who suffer from Bush and his cabal's ignorance,arrogance, and flagrant law-breaking?
  8. By girlatheist. Comment posted 02-Jan-2008 @12:18am:
    I remember sitting in the church on Wednesday night (we were all baptists in my family) and praying HARD for the end of the vietnam war. I prayed that NOT ONE MORE person would die over there. The preacher said that gawd would grant any wish that was asked in jeebus name. I prayed so hard. I wanted that war done. It didn't work.
  9. By Indigo Kid. Comment posted 02-Jan-2008 @05:21am:
    It is a well known historical fact that prayer's don't work since everyone has living enemies and unpaid bills.
  10. By Sheldon. Comment posted 02-Jan-2008 @08:24am:
    If prayer worked, he would have never been govenor of Texas, and he never would have survived the pretzel incident.
  11. By Randy. Comment posted 02-Jan-2008 @10:02am:
    If you look at old debates of George he was very articulate and had a good platform for Governor. Since becoming prez his mental faculties have seriously dwindled. I mean that in the most honest way. He is not an idiot. He is just losing his mind. It happens.
  12. By Gee.... Comment posted 02-Jan-2008 @11:56am:
    I thought the two kinds of people in the world were separated by Coke and Pepsi...or was it great taste/less filling?
  13. By Anyone. Comment posted 02-Jan-2008 @04:31pm:
    "To think one man is responsible for the war and the problems we face in our nation is about as foolish as to not believe in the power of prayer. We all share in the burden."

    Absolute truth and clarity is such a rare occurance in the mind of a religious fanatic. Bush is not the only person responsible for the last seven years. He was empowered by the jesus freaks to commit these global attrocities. "W" couldn't have done it without their unwavering support.
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