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Tuesday, 18 December, 2007

Judge Judy Isn’t Real!
(with comments)

It could be from The Onion, but it's actually from The Consumerist: Judge Judy's TV Court Isn't Real.

We were operating under the misunderstanding that Judge Judy was a broadcast of an actual small claims court somewhere, but then our legal beagle intern Alex informed us that it's really just arbitration dressed up to look like small claims court.

The power the judge has over the parties is granted by the contract of adhesion they sign to appear. If the defendant loses, the tv product team pays the plaintiff the judgment fee. If the judge finds for the defendant, both parties receive an appearance fee. The judges are not bound by real rules of procedure, evidence, or even behavior. Since it's a contract of adhesion, a decision can only really be successfully appealed if the decision falls outside the scope of what's in the contract.

Well, duh!

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  1. By Bisbonian. Comment posted 18-Dec-2007 @08:43am:
    Next thing you know, they're going to tell us NYPD Blue isn't real!
  2. By another larry. Comment posted 18-Dec-2007 @09:06am:
    The whole scheme is explained prior to each show, The Consumerist is obviously the idiot
  3. By Miss Cellania. Comment posted 18-Dec-2007 @10:19am:
    Right, I distinctly remember hearing the people involved "have agreed to dismiss their court case..." in order to be on TV. But its a good deal all around, since the show pays the judgement and expenses, as long as you don't mind looking like a fool on national TV.
  4. By J-W #656. Comment posted 18-Dec-2007 @10:26am:
    Miss C, have you ever watched American Idol? There's definitely no shortage of people willing to look like fools on TV.
  5. By Doug. Comment posted 18-Dec-2007 @10:53am:
    According to wikipedia the audience are paid cast members who belong to a seat warmer union. When Judge Judy tells them to be quiet its only because the cue cards told them to act up.
  6. By another larry. Comment posted 18-Dec-2007 @11:50am:
    Doug, it's a TV show...
  7. By Chris J.. Comment posted 18-Dec-2007 @12:32pm:
    This is unbelievable..
    Next thing you're gonna tell me is the Muppets aren't
    really talking animals?!

    I think I'm going to go read the bible to get some truth.
  8. By Doug. Comment posted 18-Dec-2007 @01:53pm:
    Other Larry, I know and still enjoy it. People's Court uses a 'real' audience but thats not why I prefer if over JJ. What amazes me about the litigants is how ugly, scuzzy and trashy most of them are but they still manage to bed hop & find willing partners who are entranced with them.
  9. By Mary. Comment posted 18-Dec-2007 @03:58pm:
    Judge Judy for President
  10. By YetAnotherDave. Comment posted 18-Dec-2007 @06:13pm:
    As a lawyer, I must point out that a contract of adhesion is, by definition, one that is one-sided, oppressive, unfair and against public policy. In this situation, the agreement that contestants enter into apparently guarantees a favorable outcome for each side in exchange for publicity rights. I cannot see how this is a contract of adhesion. By the way, Judge Judy is a poor substitute for Judge Wapner.
  11. By Bryan. Comment posted 18-Dec-2007 @06:47pm:
    I like Wapner; he was smart....and usually pissed off. That's my kind of judge.
  12. By Blayne. Comment posted 18-Dec-2007 @08:29pm:
    YetAnotherDave, I got a speeding ticket and the officer said he got me on "laser" going 31 (in a school zone). My radar detector did not go off as it usually does. How do I beat this ticket?
  13. By Guy. Comment posted 18-Dec-2007 @09:22pm:
    Anyone that has taken the time to actually read/listen to the credits of the show already knows about Judge Judy. My opinion of The Consumerist just dropped a notch. Well maybe, I suppose I should go read the actual article first...
  14. By another larry. Comment posted 19-Dec-2007 @07:29am:
    I'd like to see stats on the cases. Usually all I've ever seen are girls suing ex-boyfriends to pay back loans or ex roommates suing to get back rents.
  15. By Dr. Spammy. Comment posted 19-Dec-2007 @05:46pm:
    Judge Judy is about the most hypocritical person I've ever met. She ran her Mercedes-Benz over a parking stop and damaged the spoiler. The repair would have cost $1500. She told Body Shop Manager of the Mercedes Body body shop that it wasn't her fault because Mercedes made the vehicle too low. I asked her if she ran it into a brick wall, would it be Mercedes fault because they made it to long? She complained to Mercedes Benz and they agreed to pay for her repairs (because she is a high profile customer). The woman has a $100,000,000 contract for 4 years. She would have had to work for less than a minute to earn the money to pay for the repairs. She is always saying to the litigants on her show, "There comes a time when you have to take responsibility for your actions." Doesn't this apply to her? What a cheapskate!
  16. By Jack Q.. Comment posted 24-Dec-2007 @01:52pm:
    Lol..Don't waste time with that crap. File it with the courts and get a real judge to hear the case! You can also file it online, check out http://www.civiltree.com. (civiltree.com).
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