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Friday, 01 December, 2006

It’s Fun To Stay At The…
(with comments)


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  1. By TrevoverT. Comment posted 01-Dec-2006 @08:55am:
    It took me a moment but they are spelling out Y M C A... I was trying to hard to make it spell something rude!
  2. By Sheldon. Comment posted 01-Dec-2006 @09:08am:
    Very funny. I literally laughed out loud. I only wish I thought of this last time I was in Italy...
  3. By Jack Brewster. Comment posted 01-Dec-2006 @10:38am:
    I guess I'll see the rest of you who, like me, laughed at this, in hell-o.
  4. By Art. Comment posted 01-Dec-2006 @10:43am:
    Jack Brewster beat me to it, but if that's who I think it is in the painting, those three guys are toast! Me too....
  5. By William Tell. Comment posted 01-Dec-2006 @11:02am:
    I see all the muslims in Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey laughing, becuase muslims learn disco along with the koran..
  6. By MAPLE LEAF. Comment posted 01-Dec-2006 @01:37pm:
    Well of course the muslums are laughing. They have no respect for religions or cultures other than their own. To them, we are all infidels (well, I really am). Of course, they dont have a monopoly on religious intolerance -- do they?

    I can't believe these guys are the first to think of this.

    The camera person is going to hell too.
  7. By Rance. Comment posted 01-Dec-2006 @04:38pm:
    They should have taken their shirts off for the picture!
  8. By soul pumpkin. Comment posted 02-Dec-2006 @02:23pm:
    ...first and foremost, there is no hell, so laugh hearty, mates...even God/Godess finds this to be hysterically funny, in his/her infinite wisdom...
  9. By Sarah. Comment posted 03-Dec-2006 @06:14am:
    Maple Leaf, I find it funny how you are calling all Muslims intolerant, yet you want the people in the photo and the camera man to burn in Hell.
  10. By Bud. Comment posted 04-Dec-2006 @12:05pm:
    I wish you wouldn't make such posts.
    I was really offended by this.

    Oh wait... no I wasn't. hahaha
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