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Saturday, 22 April, 2006

Impressions Of The Bahamas
(with comments)

This week's country to discuss is The Bahamas.

More than 700 islands, with a total area less than the state of Connecticut.

  1. By Jordan. Comment posted 22-Apr-2006 @08:35am:
    I lived in Freeport on Grand Bahama island for 4 months during the summer of 86. From what I remember, it was quite a dichotomous place... the resort areas were very posh, and the rest of the island was quite run down and poor. The people were always very pleasant to me, and overall I had a nice time.

    I imagine it is quite a different island compared to nassau or paradise island, as those are almost entirely built for the tourist industry (again, from what I remember of it from 20 years ago).

    I would consider going back.
  2. By William Tell. Comment posted 22-Apr-2006 @10:21am:
    The perfect place to build a terrorist prison. Proximity to Gitmo ensures a well trained workforce, and the mild climate is perfect for administering electrical shocks to the testicles.
  3. By Cheap Sunglasses. Comment posted 22-Apr-2006 @10:40am:
    Of all the inappropriate comments I've seen here, that one is among the worst, William Tell. And besides that, its just plain stupid.
  4. By William Tell. Comment posted 22-Apr-2006 @10:58am:
    Sorry, I had just read a story on Wikipedia about us prisons in Cuba, I dont know what posessed me. Has zip to do with the Bahamas.
  5. By Andie. Comment posted 22-Apr-2006 @01:09pm:
    Jamaica has the same dichotomy that Jordan described. I've never been to either place, but my husband is from Jamaica.
  6. By Geeza. Comment posted 22-Apr-2006 @03:02pm:
    Sorry to be a bit sniffy about this but to non-Americans (and some still exist outside of 'holding facilities') how big is Connecticut?
  7. By Andie. Comment posted 22-Apr-2006 @03:05pm:
  8. By Level Head. Comment posted 22-Apr-2006 @03:26pm:
    Haven't been to the Bahamas but did read an article about Cat Island a few years ago. I'd like to go there! Very few tourists, no night life to speak of, only sunshine, flawless beaches and sparkling water. Yumbo.
  9. By Cheap Sunglasses. Comment posted 22-Apr-2006 @03:28pm:
    Well ok then, William Tell. Never mind.
  10. By Mary. Comment posted 22-Apr-2006 @04:11pm:
    Geeza, according to this year's World Almanac, the total land area of the Bahamas is somewhat less that of Northern Ireland - if that's any help. Of course Northern Ireland has just about five times the population density.
  11. By MAYORBOB. Comment posted 22-Apr-2006 @04:14pm:
    My wife and I went to the Bahamas for a week back in the early 90s. It was a great time and I have fond memories of Nassau. When we got there my wife immediately wanted to go to the Straw Market because she heard there was stuff to be bought. When we got there, imagine her shock and chagrin when she found out the market was a couple hundred stalls all selling the exact same straw hats and sandals.

    Our cab driver out to the airport told us stories about all the celebrities who show up to stay at their villas (he worked for a limo service on the island also -- that West Indian work ethic I guess). He told us the cheapest person he ever carried was Diana Ross. He said he helped carry her 50-plus pieces of luggage into her villa and she handed him a whopping five dollar bill as a tip.
  12. By meg_mac. Comment posted 22-Apr-2006 @04:27pm:
    MAYORBOB .... While living in Hawaii my husband worked as a room service waiter in major hotel in Wailea. he was constantly surprised at the tips some of the biggest stars gave. cheapest?? gotta be Charleton Heston... tipped 1 dollar for huge meal and bar setup in room. most generous and absolutely the nicest Carol Burnett!! most irritating and bitchy?? Marlo Thomas! coolest and most down to earth
    Alice Cooper.
  13. By Carl. Comment posted 22-Apr-2006 @06:42pm:
    I have been to the Bahamas only once and that was when a large group of my relatives took me along. I was very young at the time, probably around 8 or 9 years old. All I can really remember is that we stayed on the tenth floor at a Holiday Inn on the beach and that my cousin and I loved to run up and down the stairs to beat the rest of the group who took the elevator. My parents bought me a touristy straw hat that I wore once when I got back home (only once because some kids teased me about it so I refused to wear it after that).
  14. By deaudonnee. Comment posted 22-Apr-2006 @10:29pm:
    Spent a couple of hours in Freeport one day - long boat ride both ways and short stay. We had maybe a hour in the water, which was lovely. No time to shop.

    Another day we did a short boat ride to Bimini and a long stay on the island which we both loved. It's a funny feeling to walk down that narrow main road and be able to see the ocean on both sides of you. I got a good conch from a big pile of tossed away cleaned conch shells, and a good deal on a small queen helmet shell from a nice man on the beach who obviously noticed that I was shelling at the time. When we saw "Silence of the Lambs", at the end of the movie, what did we see but the narrow road in Bimini! Really cool place and we would go back a in heartbeat and spend several days there. We did shop and brought back rum. Nice people.
  15. By Snag. Comment posted 23-Apr-2006 @03:57am:
    'around NASSAU town we did roam
    drinkin' all night
    got into a fight
    I feel so broke-up
    I wanna go home
    So hoist up the John B's Sail ...'

    Songs and movies have done much to publicise the Bahamas around the world over the years. Who would knock back an opportunity to go there ?

    I'll have to be content with this.
  16. By Eenie Meenie. Comment posted 23-Apr-2006 @05:35am:
    I go to the Bahamas from time to time in my brain. Now let's get on with the Sunday Captions. I'm ready for ya. Bring it on! I've got a million of 'em, I tell ya...
  17. By Evil KLown. Comment posted 23-Apr-2006 @05:52am:
    I went to Paradise Island a few years back. Saw a ton of celebrities at Atlantis. I never drink Pina Coladas but I think I had about 6 per day -- I don't know why they tasted so good out by the beach. Straw market -- yeah, everyone selling the same stuff. Went snorkeling for the first time -- got scared (huge octopus and other dangerous-looking things) -- swam back and waited for my friends on the beach. Played craps in the casino -- the comic-book guy would have described it thusly ... "worst run of craps EVER".
    Got to the airport one hour early only to be told the plane had departed an hour earlier and "you should have called -- read the back of your ticket." Big nightmare getting home. I shall not return.
  18. By Mary. Comment posted 23-Apr-2006 @12:27pm:
    [B]Snag[/B], tell us about the boat ...

    I've never been to any tropical islands anywhere, but if I ever had the opportunity, I doubt that I'd want to come back - that's how strong the appeal is to me.
  19. By mmmark. Comment posted 23-Apr-2006 @10:45pm:
    This is one of the few countries I've been to, so I figured I'd post. I was on a fishing trip two years ago to Walker's Cay, which has now disappeared thanks to the hurricanes last year.

    I also was on a sailing trip in a couple of two-masted schooners around the Berry Islands with friends around twenty years ago. One of my fondest memories.
  20. By Snag. Comment posted 24-Apr-2006 @07:21am:
    Mary .. the boat is just an old clunker moored near a boardwalk at a place called Bateman's Bay 200 miles South of Sydney. It is the de-facto holiday village for Canberra, nearby. We have just finished a 3-month supermarket fitout within 200 yds of this spot. The colours looked nice, so I snapped it (poorly framed, mast cut off etc). We have some nice coastline, but the Bahamas would be serious competition for any of it.
  21. By FFSteve. Comment posted 24-Apr-2006 @08:06am:
    Does anyone know what's with Andros? It looks so huge and I've never even heard of it. And it also doesn't look like it even has a major town.
  22. By Alexander Christie. Comment posted 05-May-2006 @10:40am:
    I am from The Bahamas and have two replies to make.

    First, in response to Andie's comment The Bahamas does not have the same dichonmy as Jamaica. Jamaica struggles with poverty, political instability, and very troubled economy with a dollar that is worth less than the paper it is printed on. Jamaica does indeed have some beautiful resorts and very upscale areas that contrast sharply with the slum of Kingston.

    The Bahamas on the other hand is the darling of the Caribbean. We enjoy the strongest economy with a dollar on par with the US and a standard of living that far exceeds Jamaica and most Caribbean nations. Nassau and within the last 20 years Freeport (where I live) has become The Bahamas second city and has been a steady state of boom. Note that Freeport and Nassau consist of over 90% of the population in the Bahamas and although the "family islands" and years behind they generally enjoy a very simple life that themselves would far from consider poverty.
  23. By Alexander Christie. Comment posted 05-May-2006 @10:52am:
    My second reply is to FFSteve inquiry about Andros. My family roots are in Andros and I spent many summers there as a child. Yes it is indeed the largest (geographically) island in The Bahamas, however much of the land (especially the central part) is marsh and magrove, not suitable for development. There are small towns mainly to the north and south two of which are Nicholos Town and San Andros respectively. Andros has a distinct charm about it, it has extensive reefs (even for The Bahamas) and shallow waters which make it the home of the best Bone Fishing in the world. In the rainy season the island literally crawling with huge land crabs which we Bahamians hunt in the bushes with large potatoe sacks and catch with our bare hands. The event not to miss (as is on most family islands) is the Regatta in mid June at Morgans bluff. Andros welcomes more people than it can accomadate and the entire island begins a frenzy of sail racing and around the clock drinking and partying. Can't wait
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