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Monday, 31 October, 2005

Horror Movies
(with comments)

From the Family Media Guide: What nightmares a made of.

Media Data Corp (MDC) thought it might be timely to take a look at the frequency of certain acts of violence - 13, to be exact - in 100 horror films released since 1975. The data set includes killer franchises such as Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Halloween, horror adventures such as Van Helsing and Anacondas: Hunt for the Blood Orchid, and recent gore fests such as Saw and High Tension.

Most popular act of horror: Impalement. This is followed by protruding object, and bite injury.

Most gruesome film? Freddy vs. Jason.

It takes the treats with 167 instances, including 86 impalements , 20 severed limbs, and 14 electrocutions.

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  1. By Gee.... Comment posted 31-Oct-2005 @06:55pm:
    What scared the wakie-dookies outa me were "The Thing" with Kurt Russell, "Poltergeist" and "Pet Sematary". I know there are more 'cause I just LOVE horror movies...but those three are probably my top 3...except for the dream sequence in "American Werewolf in London".
  2. By Bret. Comment posted 31-Oct-2005 @07:13pm:
    Those balnkity freakin blankin flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz. The music leading up to them had my little fanny heading towards the kitchen or anywhere.

    Hated and feared them damnable monkeys.
  3. By ElMoney. Comment posted 31-Oct-2005 @07:22pm:
    John Carpenter's "The Thing" is my all time scariest followed by "The Body Snatchers" and any of the "Living Dead" movies. “The Thing” and “Body Snatchers” get me for the same reason: you don’t know who you can trust. Yeah, you could say that I have “issues.”
  4. By Bret. Comment posted 31-Oct-2005 @07:35pm:
    One other film that I saw when I was young that had a profound effect on me. It isn't really a horror movie but it scarred the caa-caa out of me. "Silent Running" with Bruce Dern. I didn't sleep good at all for a few nights, my poor mother must have thought I was a nut case or something.
  5. By Andie. Comment posted 31-Oct-2005 @08:05pm:
    When I was really little I remember being scared silly by a scene where someone sank to his death in quicksand. Next one I remember scaring me was the original "The Blob" with Steve McQueen.

    Ultimately at age 24 it was "The Exorcist", the most horrifying movie I've ever seen, that made me swear off horror movies.
  6. By Mary. Comment posted 31-Oct-2005 @08:14pm:
    "bite injury … charred skin … decapitation … decomposition … disfigurement … electrocution …entrails … impalement … protruding object … severed limb … skeletal remains … transmogrification … twisting body part"

    Can't top CSI ...
  7. By Rance. Comment posted 31-Oct-2005 @11:58pm:

    You know I've seen charred skin in real life. It's not that bad. Curls up like bacon...but smells like crap.

    Bite injuries...I met a whaling captain (an eskimo) who had camped one night with co-hunters, inside a little shelter of whale blubber. stacked up for a wind break. In the middle of the night a polar bear dropped right on their tent. The bear took a bite out of this guys ass (scuze me) and I mean one whole cheek was gone. The bear ate it. Then as he tried crawling away the bear took a bite out of his side, above the hip bone and below his ribs. Good portion of his organs went with it. The bear ate it. By then the 2 others had located their rifles in the dark and shot the bear down. He raised his shirt and showed me where at least 10 pounds of flesh and guts was gone. And he was way gimped up trying to walk with only half a butt. He's just happy to be alive, and the disfigurement does not bother him at all.
  8. By music video codes. Comment posted 01-Nov-2005 @03:08am:
    I still need to see Jeepers Creepers 2.. I heard good things about it. However, these type of movies with regular killers dont scare me. They have to be a mental ill plot.
  9. By cobra427. Comment posted 01-Nov-2005 @03:47am:
    Freddy v Eminem - my money's on freddy (stan bites the dust at last)
  10. By wok. Comment posted 01-Nov-2005 @06:24am:

    Does the Alaska tourism board pay you to tell that beautiful story? C'mon, c'mon, fess up now!
  11. By Gee.... Comment posted 01-Nov-2005 @08:10am:
    Cool City Dude: "Yeah, it was a real bad motorcycle wreck. I've got scars on my knees and elbows."

    Rance's Whaler: "Really? That sounds bad...wanna see where a polar ate parts of me?"
  12. By Cosmos. Comment posted 01-Nov-2005 @08:12am:
    Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Freaked by the scene where the victims where being hung up alive on meat hooks.
  13. By J-Walker #656. Comment posted 01-Nov-2005 @08:14am:
    I've seen "Jaws" about 10 times and sure don't remember any impalements.
  14. By Deb. Comment posted 01-Nov-2005 @08:27am:
    Who categorized "Van Helsing" as horror adventure? The scary part was paying $9.00 to see it.
  15. By Gee.... Comment posted 01-Nov-2005 @09:35am:
    I'm with you Deb.
    Van Helsing was really, really bad.
  16. By Ozzy. Comment posted 01-Nov-2005 @09:53am:
    My aunt and uncle took me to see the exorcist when I was about 10 years old. I have no idea why, it's pretty sick though. I was messed up for years. I was scared of everything. I will never subject a child to that.
  17. By beegee. Comment posted 01-Nov-2005 @11:24am:
    Jaws was listed as the 2nd most gruesome file with 49 bites 27 impalements. Now I remember a lot of bites but 27 impalements? I don't even remember one impalement. Or is an impalement when one or several of the shark's teeth go all the way through a body part?

    That's cheating, I think.
  18. By Mary. Comment posted 01-Nov-2005 @01:45pm:
    Ozzy: Are these people still running around loose? It's truly amazing what people can do to children and escape child abuse charges.

    I've never seen most of these movies because, like Andie, The Exorcist was enough for me. But I have seen Jaws a couple of times and I don't recall impalements either. I didn't find it particularly frightening, but I readily admit that the number of true shark attacks in the news in the last couple of years is enough to make me very leery of sharks.

    Personally, I think suspense is scarier than gore, and I'm old enough to think Hitchcock was the master.
  19. By 12-stringer. Comment posted 01-Nov-2005 @03:29pm:
    If you follow the link(s), for Jaws it states: "Men shoot shark with ... a spear gun, impaling it with small hook attached to a barrel. ... Man stabs shark as it attacks him."

    For whatever it's worth.
  20. By BaumE. Comment posted 11-Nov-2005 @04:15am:
    Now you're probably thinking 'Oh god not another Friday the 13th/Nightmare on Elm Street!' However, contrary to the belief of many this film is more than just a simple character crossover. There are moments where the film, instead of making you jump in fright, makes you laugh out load and sometimes it is easy to predict how a person will die. But other than a few flaws this films is a great film to see (especially if you are a fan of either series)... By Eddie. -BaumE-
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