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Sunday, 02 March, 2008

Happy Mothering Sunday
(with comments)

As I post this, Mothering Sunday has about 20 minutes left in the only country where it's celebrated.

Mothering Sunday is a British holiday. In modern times it is essentially equivalent to Mother's Day, which latter name is also increasingly used, but this is a recent development, and its history is quite different.

So, if you happen to be a Brit up late on a Sunday night, happy Mothering Sunday.

(via Hodge Blog)


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  1. By Joe. Comment posted 02-Mar-2008 @04:45pm:
    damn, I forgot to send my Mom a card...
  2. By J-Walk. Comment posted 02-Mar-2008 @04:55pm:
    Uh... that would be "Mum," not "Mom."
  3. By Mister E.B.. Comment posted 02-Mar-2008 @05:03pm:
    Mum is <strike>the</strike> no word?

    Good reminder to phone my mom tonight.
  4. By TrevOverT. Comment posted 02-Mar-2008 @05:22pm:
    ...apparently many of my relatives families took their three MUMS out for a real roast DINNER at noon today with all the trad fare right down to the Yorkshire Pud... Must have cost a packet... and not a slice of Spam in sight...
  5. By J-Walk. Comment posted 02-Mar-2008 @05:23pm:
  6. By Mister E.B.. Comment posted 02-Mar-2008 @06:04pm:
    Right, TrevOverT, when in Montreal do as the Anglo-Saxons do, a-droitly.

  7. By Mister E.B.. Comment posted 02-Mar-2008 @06:06pm:
    Replace gibberish above with...

  8. By Joe. Comment posted 02-Mar-2008 @06:24pm:
    well, I live in the US, so I've gotten used to saying "Mom"...
  9. By Mister E.B.. Comment posted 02-Mar-2008 @07:11pm:
    ...so I've gotten used to saying "Mom"...

    With you on that one, Joe, because Mom has gotten used to hearing "Mom" and, as we all know, if Mom ain't happy--ain't nobody happy.
  10. By Nick Hodge. Comment posted 03-Mar-2008 @01:42am:

    You've started to notice that I'm a traditionalist, so QSTQ too.

    It was a tough day yesterday for Dad's too. My girls are 19 and 16 but most of the cooking fell to Dad, particularly after the eldest got 3rd degree burns (it wasn't that bad) off the vegetable steamer! But it was a lovely roast dinner, thank you.
  11. By Indigo Kid. Comment posted 03-Mar-2008 @04:16am:
    In the US we have one called Smothering Day. It is celebrated weekly at psychiatrists office.

    It's sub-event is called "Going Postal".

    Books and movies are written about this holiday. Psycho, Mommie Dearest, Bonnie and Clyde, Bush 1 and 2 and so on.

    The most recent famous example is the Presidential Quote: I am President and I don't have to eat Broccoli if I don't want to.
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