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Thursday, 24 June, 2010

Free Kindles?
(with comments)

Dennis Kneale explains: Why Amazon Should Give Away Kindle Free

Amazon cut its Kindle price 27 percent yesterday, to $189 from $259. Barnes & Noble cut its same-price Nook reader to $199. And in the immortal words of Wallace Shawn's irrepressible mensch on TV's "Gossip Girl": "It's not enough!" Amazon should cut Kindle pricing even more: to zero.

That's right-Jeff Bezos should give away the Kindle free of charge, to spur more sales of higher-profit online books.

I made this same prophesy in October, 2009, and even made a chart. Here's the updated chart with the most recent price drop included. Kindles will be free in the second half of 2011.

Click here to buy one

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  1. By Curtis. Comment posted 24-Jun-2010 @08:23am:
    Here's what happened to me:

    I started reading "The Lonsome Dove Quartet" this week on iPad and am surprised to find what an essentially better reader it is (especially for reading in bed). One thing - I can read in the dark in bed and with the orientation lock on, I can read on my side (since I have a 1st Generation Kindle, this was never exactly a perfect position to read in - same with paper books).

    iPad books are not such a linear-feeling experience because you can easily page back and forth like in regular books. Being able to search a word or phrase through Google right from the text is pretty amazing. I don't find the backlit screen a problem, but an enhancement - my bifocals actually work better than they do with paper or e-ink - and the brightness controls allow me to read in a variety of lighting situations.

    I'm surprised, I must say.

    I think Kindle/the Nook, etc are seriously on the ropes and that's too bad because the iPad is an expensive bauble.
  2. By wally the duck. Comment posted 24-Jun-2010 @08:34am:
    11:11 the only time of day with four identical digits on a digital clock. Coincidence? Hardly!
  3. By Dean Booth. Comment posted 24-Jun-2010 @08:39am:
    Based on your chart, I'm going to wait till 2012, when they will pay me to take one.
  4. By Bisbonian. Comment posted 24-Jun-2010 @08:41am:
    I was recently at 1111 Morrissey in Santa Cruz, at 11:11 AM, with another commenter who was talking to his daughter, (who was born on November 11th), on a cell phone, when he said, "I think we've crapped out".
  5. By major_danny. Comment posted 24-Jun-2010 @08:42am:
    I wasn't impressed with the Nook when I tried it at Barnes & Noble. I read a little while with my sister's Kindle last Christmas. I'm on the fence about the Kindle.

    I was very impressed with the iPad when I tried it at the store. I'm a bit leary about buying into Apple's eco-system, but not enough to stop me. Doesn't matter anyway, can't afford any of 'em right now.
  6. By Pender. Comment posted 24-Jun-2010 @10:51am:
    A $50 price tag would move me to action. Even $100 would. It's just not worth more than that to me. My computer chair is so comfy that I don't mind reading while not in bed or on the couch. I would pay that much because I do think I would read more if I had easier access to books.
  7. By banjo brad. Comment posted 24-Jun-2010 @11:50am:
    I downloaded the Beta of "Kindle for the Mac." I also downloaded to free classic books, "Treasure Island" and "The Time Machine." My problem is I can't figure how to import any of the ebooks I've already downloaded to my computer from other sources - many in pdf format or ebook format.

    So far, I'm not really impressed with reading books on the computer, I still like the heft and feel of a printed book.
  8. By James O. Comment posted 24-Jun-2010 @03:08pm:
    That was the business model for Eastman Kodak and various other companies in the first half of the 20th century. Sell the camera super-cheap, get rich selling film and processing.
  9. By Hui.... Comment posted 24-Jun-2010 @09:07pm:
    Why would I "Click here to buy one"?
    When I can wait 15 months and click the "Click here to get one for free" button instead
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