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Friday, 01 December, 2006

Fluorescent Scorpions
(with comments)

I didn't know this: Fluorescent Scorpion in UV Light.

The chilly November nights here in Tucson drive our desert arachnids to seek shelter in nice warm houses, and I have recently been finding all sorts of eight-legged creepy-crawlers inside my house here, including two scorpions (shudder). I have been hoping to find a scorpion to photograph in UV light, so I decided to use these two home-invading scorpions for my photographic experiments.

Scorpions fluoresce because they contain a fluorescent protein in the hyaline layer of their exoskeleton. The ultraviolet light in the above photo appears dark blue-purple in color, and it colors anything that does not fluoresce this same color.

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  1. By TrevoverT. Comment posted 01-Dec-2006 @09:14am:
    If you have little horrors like that in your house J why don't you keep cuddly cats that protect you against creepy crawlers?...or did the scorpions get the cats first?
  2. By 12-stringer. Comment posted 01-Dec-2006 @09:33am:
    You didn't know scorpions floresce? Dude, if you're going to continue to claim Tucson residency and keep a clear conscience (which I know is foremost in your mind), you really owe it to yourself to pay a long-overdue visit to (better yet, spend an entire day photographing at) the Arizona-Sonora Desert Musuem. Guaranteed, time well spent.

    By the way, thanks again for another T. Beth link.
  3. By J-Walk. Comment posted 01-Dec-2006 @09:56am:
    We went to that museum a few years before we moved here. I guess another visit is in order.
  4. By Rance. Comment posted 01-Dec-2006 @10:49am:
    Try a blacklight. Should make them an erie green color.
  5. By Gus. Comment posted 01-Dec-2006 @01:25pm:
    How well do they fluoresce once they have been squashed by a size 13 boot? Now I'd like to see that.
  6. By 25-O'Clock. Comment posted 04-Dec-2006 @09:26pm:
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