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Thursday, 31 May, 2007

Famous Fonts For Free
(with comments)

Needs some famous fonts? Sharkshock Fonts.

Here you'll find one of the most unique archives out there for free fonts. We not only scoured the corners of the earth in search of famous fonts, but also helped create them! Explore around and download to your heart's delight! We have a vast selection from Willy Wonka to Honda to Pizza Hut. All fonts are free to download for any non-commercial purpose.

I'll be using the Loki Cola font for my next soft drink product.

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  1. By Pat. Comment posted 31-May-2007 @03:48pm:
    Hate to say it, but that's one ugly font. The K isn't the same character style as the L -- its axis is off, and it should have a looping ascender.
    It's free 'cuz it's not professional. It's not professional 'cuz it's poor quality.
  2. By J-Walk. Comment posted 31-May-2007 @08:23pm:
    So you're saying I should choose a different font for J-Walk Cola?
  3. By Pat. Comment posted 31-May-2007 @09:21pm:
    I think mebbe you should find one with characters made out of banjos, y'know?
  4. By Pat. Comment posted 31-May-2007 @09:21pm:
    Or bacon strips.
  5. By Pat. Comment posted 01-Jun-2007 @03:15pm:
    Interesting :-D Couldn't imagine writing much with it, but if you're looking for different silhouettes, ukelele looks purty.
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