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Monday, 31 October, 2005

End The Winter Blues
(with comments)

Here's the Portable Light Therapy Visor.

Bright-light therapy has been shown to be effective treatment for the more than 70 million North Americans who suffer from seasonal depression ("winter blues"). Unlike traditional light therapy devices that are too large to be portable, this detachable unit is integrated into a comfortable visor that easily fits in a suitcase or briefcase-it can also be affixed to any other billed hat.

It uses safe, heat-free blue-green light to biochemically increase seratonin, a mood elevator, while simultaneously suppressing melatonin, which increases alertness to prevent symptoms of winter blues such as lethargy, increased appetite, afternoon slumps, increased need for sleep, and seasonal depression.

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  1. By adam. Comment posted 31-Oct-2005 @01:44pm:
    Thanks J-Walk...The christmas gift ideas keep rolling in.
  2. By 12-stringer. Comment posted 31-Oct-2005 @03:01pm:
    Is that Lt. Howard Hunter (James B. Sikking) from "Hill Street Blues"?
  3. By Rance. Comment posted 31-Oct-2005 @04:47pm:
    Around here we call it cabin fever. It runs rampant about the end of January. Hobbies are a must, along with outdoor activities.
  4. By Andie. Comment posted 31-Oct-2005 @05:12pm:
    I think the guy looks sorta like Lyle Lovett.
  5. By wally the duck. Comment posted 31-Oct-2005 @06:48pm:
    Already the color of a frog's belly, I don't need to walk around in January with my face bathed in blue-green light.
    For Halloween, maybe.
  6. By Dave (TDC). Comment posted 01-Nov-2005 @07:16am:
    I'm impressed, $199.95 for 2 LEDs (approx $0.25 each) a plastic frame & visor (perhaps $1.50 in bulk), a battery (say $1.00) and a timer circuit (say $1.00). Add labour & packaging and it might total as much as $10.00.

    Good profit margin!
  7. By Dick. Comment posted 01-Nov-2005 @07:17am:
    The only thing more effective is regular exercise. (I stole that line from the Simpsons)
  8. By Terry. Comment posted 02-Nov-2005 @12:37am:
    I live in one of the wettest climates in the world, Vancouver, Canada. (Pacific Northwest to my US friends.) There might be some truth to this light thing, but I found a much simpler solution.


    These are my favourite pair of shades. (And no I don't work for the company.)
  9. By Terry. Comment posted 02-Nov-2005 @12:38am:
    D-OOH!! I forgot to mention that I have a pair with blue lenses. Quite refreshing!
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