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Thursday, 03 September, 2009

Eagle Repository
(with comments)

The U.S. has a National Eagle Repository.

The National Eagle Repository is located at Rocky Mountain Arsenal northeast of Denver, Colorado. Its purpose is to provide a central location for the receipt, storage, and distribution of bald and golden eagles that are found dead, and their parts. The eagles, and their parts, are shipped to qualified Native Americans for use in religious Indian ceremonies.

It is illegal for any individual to possess a bald or golden eagle, including its parts (feathers, feet, etc). The distribution of bald and golden eagles, and their parts to Native Americans is authorized by the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act and Regulations found in 50 CFR 22.

If you're a qualified Native American, you can request and eagle (or eagle parts) by filling out a form. But don't get too excited:

In 1995, there were approximately 3,000 more approved applications for eagles on file than there were available eagles.

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  1. By Y Nought. Comment posted 03-Sep-2009 @08:06am:
    That eagle would look more impressive if it was perched atop a pile of balancing rocks.
  2. By decibelcat. Comment posted 03-Sep-2009 @11:47am:
    When I first saw that picture of the eagle, I thought a John Wayne movie would follow.
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