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Wednesday, 23 July, 2008

DIY Wonder Woman Outfit
(with comments)

For knitters: How to make a Wonder Woman Costume.

I started knitting this Wonder Woman costume to wear to the San Diego Comic-Con in July (2008), but escalated production when my friend decided to throw a costume birthday party for me at the end of June. I made up my own pattern for the bodysuit embellished with star and eagle motifs, wristbands and headband. It took me about 6 weeks, finished the night before the party! I'm happy with the results. Hope that you think that it's fun too!

Technical data:

Knit on US4 circular needles in Elann Esprit (red, white, and blue) and Cascade Fixation (yellow).

Follow the instructions, and you'll look like this:

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  1. By Mean Jean. Comment posted 23-Jul-2008 @02:49pm:
    Many thanks, but I'd rather look like this:

  2. By Curtis. Comment posted 23-Jul-2008 @02:52pm:
    I like her little hooves. Trip-trop.
  3. By Mister E.B.. Comment posted 23-Jul-2008 @02:52pm:

  4. By Mister E.B.. Comment posted 23-Jul-2008 @03:44pm:
    Your Wonder Woman costume is way better and the model is gorgeous compared to what's-her-name in #1. Interesting site, too. In lieu of a cold shower, think I'll just go stand in the rain for a while.
  5. By Curtis. Comment posted 23-Jul-2008 @04:17pm:
    Will Wonder Womens never cease?
  6. By Eenie Meenie. Comment posted 23-Jul-2008 @04:23pm:
    I knew if I came to this blog I'd get a laugh. Right outta the gate.

    Mean Jean, you're more Loana, aren't you?

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  7. By Banjo Brad. Comment posted 23-Jul-2008 @04:58pm:
    I still prefer the original Wonder Woman from the comic books!
  8. By Michael. Comment posted 24-Jul-2008 @01:42am:
    Is step #7 "eat 5,000 calorie a day for three years"?
  9. By Keith. Comment posted 24-Jul-2008 @02:20am:
    The lady in the post is no Roz Doyle.
  10. By Stoli. Comment posted 24-Jul-2008 @12:48pm:
    That makes my angry!
    The other wonder woman looks good but that looks store bought. If not bravo.
  11. By stoli. Comment posted 24-Jul-2008 @01:21pm:
    How do I post a picture? I'll post my Joker costume from '03.

    AUGH! Look at that eagle thing! And those shoes.. ugh.. make it stop.
  12. By DGr. Comment posted 27-Jul-2008 @04:38am:
    Wow! That's something else. Don't ask me what though.
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