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Monday, 29 January, 2007

Dirt-Eating Girl
(with comments)

As if the planet isn't in enough trouble. Now people are eating it: Girl fascinated with eating earth.

A girl from north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region plans to set a new Guiness World Record after eating nothing but soil for two months.

The girl, called Wuqibalaqiqige, became a minor celebrity after the media broadcast stories about her curious eating habits last year. TV stations as far flung as Hunan, Anhui, Beijing and Shanghai picked up her story, even Japan and South Korea.

The girl said she feels no need to eat normal food now that she has discovered how much she likes to eat soil.

(via Spluch)

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  1. By L.. Comment posted 29-Jan-2007 @07:45am:
    You'll find dirt eaters a lot nearer home than that. Quite common in certain southern states in the USA - in fact there shops that sell bags of dirt just to be eaten (though I did read that this a little more under the counter now than in the past)
  2. By another larry. Comment posted 29-Jan-2007 @07:58am:
    I wonder if Chinese dirt is spicy? Looks like she's at one of those all you can eat dirt buffets.
  3. By Jack Williamson. Comment posted 29-Jan-2007 @08:25am:
    She needs to link up with the Buddha Boy. They could make millions hawking Google ads.
  4. By Carol. Comment posted 29-Jan-2007 @08:29am:
    It's called pica, specifically geophagy. I've heard that some types of soil are definitely much better for eating than others.
  5. By Mean Jean. Comment posted 29-Jan-2007 @08:32am:
    My grandmother used to "taste" dirt in her garden, but she spat it out after she determined what it needed. I've also heard of pregnant women eating clay.
  6. By JZ. Comment posted 29-Jan-2007 @08:36am:
    Don't eat the dirt too close to the septic tank, is what I always say.
  7. By Dave (TDC). Comment posted 29-Jan-2007 @09:55am:
    Either she'll eat or drink some other nourishment, or she's gonna die!
    Great name, I wonder how it's pronounced?
  8. By EF. Comment posted 29-Jan-2007 @10:02am:
    I grew up in MS and knew several people who ate dirt (and laundry starch) as a kid. But it was supplemental and not ther main source of nourishment.
  9. By major_danny. Comment posted 29-Jan-2007 @10:12am:
  10. By Sol. Comment posted 29-Jan-2007 @10:18am:
    The girl has already helped a woman who suffered from insomnia for more than 10 years.

    Geez, I didn't think the story was that boring!
  11. By Dinsdale Piranha. Comment posted 29-Jan-2007 @10:34am:
  12. By Imagineer. Comment posted 29-Jan-2007 @11:53am:
    "I've heard that some types of soil are definitely much better for eating than others."

    Myself, I prefer a Silty Clay Loam, Carol. Just a hint of silty grit with the creamy flush of clay coating the roof of your mouth--a subtle bouquet of glaciation, stratification, and possible moose poop <g>.

    Like Mean Jean's grandma, I have to "taste" soils for a living while doing eco and soils classification. This means taking a pinch of my moistened soil "putty" and placing it on the tip of my tongue. Next, add a little spit so that the sample is diffused. Note the "creaminess" of the clay component. Spit out the sand. Then, very gently grind your teeth together to determine the "gritty" (as opposed to grainy) silt component percentage. Rinse and swallow with mouthful of Starbuck's Kenyan...

    One perk of my work is not having to take multivitamins...or extra minerals.
  13. By Gee.... Comment posted 29-Jan-2007 @11:56am:
    She'll get worms.
  14. By Sheldon. Comment posted 29-Jan-2007 @02:54pm:
    Now here is a young lady that is no fun during dirt clod fights...
  15. By Darren. Comment posted 29-Jan-2007 @02:58pm:
    Kung Pao Clods
  16. By Scott in MN. Comment posted 29-Jan-2007 @03:07pm:
    When I was about three years old I took a big bite of San Diego. Cured me of dirt eating right then and there. I imagine most kids have taken a taste of mother earth, most of them only once.
  17. By Miss Cellania. Comment posted 29-Jan-2007 @04:52pm:
    She does it to embarrass her parents. Because they gave her that name.
  18. By 12-stringer. Comment posted 29-Jan-2007 @05:20pm:
    Them Sand Pickers
    - Mason Williams

    how 'bout them sand pickers
    ain't they grand?
    sittin' on their haunches
    pickin' in the sand
    pickin' in the wet sand
    pickin' in the dry
    pickin' it fiercely
    lookit fly
    lookit them sand pickers
    ain't they slick?
    some use their fingers
    some use a stick
    them seashore sand pickers
    ain't they fine?
    sittin' in the sand a-pickin' up time
    how to be a sand picker
    don't need a ticket
    find a bunch of sand
    stoop down and pick it!
  19. By Artus Novel. Comment posted 31-Jan-2007 @02:39pm:
    A tragic female character spends her days eating earth in Gabriel Garcia Marquez' "One hundred years of loneliness"/Cien aƱos de soledad in Spanish.
    This is about self destruction and symbolically absorbing the world. It goes against many taboos: though shall not eat what has fallen to the ground! (you could get nasty diseases doing that, by the way)
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