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Monday, 01 September, 2008

Communicating With Kids
(with comments)

In the UK: txt-spk' poster that 'undermines English teaching'

And in a controversial new poster campaign it appears that many local education authorities agree, resorting to communicating with children in text speak'.

Nearly 5,000 posters have been put up in schools, written in a mind-boggling array of numbers and unlikely combinations of letters, in an attempt to connect with children who are more comfortable writing and reading in the abbreviated language used in mobile phone text messages than formal English.

Here's an excerpt from the poster:

The poster is distributed by the London Grid for Learning, where you can get a PDF file of the poster. They also have one in plain English. Here's the translation of the text above:

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  1. By Ice Giant 37. Comment posted 01-Sep-2008 @09:20am:
  2. By john weeks. Comment posted 01-Sep-2008 @09:49am:
    Yeah, carers!
  3. By Keith. Comment posted 01-Sep-2008 @10:13am:
    Sign of the times I am afraid, thick little bastards can't read plain English. I saw a poster on a bus written in the same vein. Disgraceful.
  4. By arvana. Comment posted 01-Sep-2008 @10:26am:
    What I find doubly insulting about this is that it's such an awful attempt at L33T. When translating into another language, it's important to get a native speaker to do your final editing.
  5. By NoAlias. Comment posted 01-Sep-2008 @01:30pm:
    What is ITC? I understood the rest.
  6. By NoAlias. Comment posted 01-Sep-2008 @01:33pm:
    oops....What's I C T?
  7. By Spokane Mary. Comment posted 01-Sep-2008 @03:51pm:
    "Carers" is one of those horrific words that should be banned from the language forever. It shows laziness (too lazy to say "caregivers" or "caretakers"), it's stupid to begin with since anyone who cares about anything or anybody is automatically a "carer," and the word itself is difficult to enunciate clearly, which means that more often than not it's pronounced "cares" - which makes no sense at all to the person listening.

    I think this new "language" is just a convenient way to escape having to expose one's lack of spelling ability to the world. That's fine, but if you don't learn spelling and usage correctly, the time will come when it will show to someone who matters - like someone who's thinking about hiring you for a nice, well-paying job. It will matter to you then.

    PBS recently did a good program about the difficulties people face when they speak in regional or ethnic dialects - Valley Girl/Surfer, Black, Rap, Gang/Street, etc. It was a good program.
  8. By exp_err. Comment posted 01-Sep-2008 @07:47pm:
    We have new road safety signs up near where I live:
  9. By GreenBoy. Comment posted 02-Sep-2008 @05:12am:

    exp_err - i hate that sign, nearly made me crash trying to translate it!!!
  10. By Howlin' Hobbit. Comment posted 02-Sep-2008 @06:03pm:
    Hmmmm... sounds much like the whole "Ebonics" debacle.
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