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Wednesday, 31 October, 2007

Cocaine Guitar
(with comments)

Here's a guitar made of pure cocaine.

La Repubblica have a story and pictures about a 30-something guy who flew from Costa Rica to Fiumicino airport in Rome with a guitar (a black Squier Strat, with the label still on the scratchplate) and 10 thermos flasks in his luggage. The customs official noticed white powder leaking out of the guitar which tested positive for cocaine. Cocaine in solution was also found in the thermos flasks - a total of 2.5m worth

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  1. By Dave (TDC). Comment posted 31-Oct-2007 @08:18am:
    Nice bit of packaging, if they had not been greedy and packed a little bit less he probably would have got away with it.
    Reminds me of Howard Marks who shipped vast amounts of hash in PA equipment belonging to bands like Pink Floyd. Very naughty man, but quite nice. (See the book "Mr. Nice" for more).

    I wonder how the guitar sounded, before customs chopped a bit off.
  2. By another larry. Comment posted 31-Oct-2007 @08:39am:
    I brought back several packages of hash, Thai stick and opium during Asian trips in the seventies. It wasn't as hard as it is now. One time I had a ball of opium the size of a softball. It didn't get a second look in customs.
  3. By reddog. Comment posted 31-Oct-2007 @08:45am:
    Aren't all electric guitars made out of cocaine?
  4. By Randy. Comment posted 31-Oct-2007 @08:47am:
    As freaked as i would be doing something that stupid, how do you allow the thing to leak? Would you not seal the crap out of it? Criminals are dumb.
  5. By Rance. Comment posted 31-Oct-2007 @10:49am:
    another larry...you got any left?
  6. By Blayne. Comment posted 31-Oct-2007 @03:10pm:
    "Don't forget this fact, you can't get it back; cocaine"
  7. By Blayne. Comment posted 31-Oct-2007 @09:45pm:
    Whoops, forgot ...

    ~ Eric Clapton
  8. By Victor Ruiz. Comment posted 31-Oct-2007 @11:04pm:
    Oh no!!! Now they will want to "cut away" my guitars everytime when I travel from Mexico. :) I guess I'll start traveling only with "Marushka" My Hollowbody PRS electric guitar

  9. By Greenboy. Comment posted 01-Nov-2007 @01:11am:
    The man was stupid - real smugglers use banjo's
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