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Tuesday, 02 January, 2007

Celebrity Readers
(with comments)

One of my main blogging goals for 2007 is to attract more celebrity readers. Here's the first one, Napoleon Dynamite.

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  1. By Rance. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @09:05am:
    What? What about Pancho? I vote for Pancho...
  2. By Miss Cellania. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @09:30am:
    (pout) I guess this means I'm not a celebrity.
  3. By Ryan. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @10:25am:
    Awesome. Napoleon rules.
  4. By RobertSeattle. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @10:29am:
    What rules? There are rules here?
  5. By Haywood Jablomy. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @01:23pm:
  6. By Blue. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @01:33pm:
    Hey Miss Cellania, he said more. This doesn't mean he doesn't already have heaps. And you are an excellent example of a miscellaneous celebrity.
  7. By Curtis. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @03:40pm:
    I happen to know for a fact that the celebrities Andre Leon Talley, Slim Whitman,
    Kevin Kelly, and Isobel Marion are all regular readers of this blog. Some of them look better in T-shirts than others. Especially rubber T-shirts.
  8. By J-Walk. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @03:45pm:
    I knew about Slim Whitman, but not the others.
  9. By Jonco. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @04:16pm:
    Slim Whitman is a reader of the J-Walk blog? Wow, I'm impressed. I'll bet he doesn't read my blog. Miss Cellania is the only celebrity that does as far as I know. I think J-Walk may have peeked at it a time or two also. A radio jock in St. Louis has borrowed a couple things from me. Does that constitute a celebrity? Inquiring minds want to know.
  10. By Moon. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @04:59pm:
    I wear moon boots!!!!
  11. By Moon. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @05:01pm:
    Slim Whitman DOES look good in a rubber t-shirt!
  12. By Pancho. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @06:02pm:
    er..., Rance, thanks for voting for me, but I think you mean Pedro. I vote for Pedro.

    (Not that I've never been called that. Pablo, Paco, Peso and Pendejo too.)
  13. By Moon. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @06:03pm:
    Hey, the new head of the UN is Ban Ki Moon. Could be a relative. I'll talk to him.
  14. By Sally. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @08:37pm:
    Is attracting fictional characters to the blog another one of your goals? Because I can hook you up with Cliff Huxtable.
  15. By 12-stringer. Comment posted 03-Jan-2007 @01:05am:
    In an effort to beautify the environment, rather than attracting celebrity readers, maybe you should push for celebrating attractive readers?

    (if so, I guess it's been nice knowing ya)
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