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Sunday, 02 March, 2008

Bubble Cars
(with comments)

For those who like to look at photos of tiny little cars: Bubble Cars.

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  1. By Don. Comment posted 02-Mar-2008 @06:16pm:
    Thanks for the link, John.
    This is right up my alley.
  2. By Blue. Comment posted 02-Mar-2008 @07:10pm:
    The pipe is the excellent touch in this pic...
  3. By J-Walk. Comment posted 02-Mar-2008 @07:23pm:
    Agreed. The photo would be about 50% less effective if he didn't have a pipe in his mouth.
  4. By Dazzle&Razzle. Comment posted 02-Mar-2008 @10:06pm:
    Is that Al Gore?
  5. By Indigo Kid. Comment posted 03-Mar-2008 @04:24am:
    Yep. That pipe is a lot safer than an air bag.
  6. By scot. Comment posted 03-Mar-2008 @06:05am:
    I'd like to see him take on a chip truck.
  7. By another larry. Comment posted 03-Mar-2008 @07:45am:
    where's the wheelie bar?
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