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Saturday, 01 March, 2008

Bill Clinton Endorses Obama
(with comments)

Bill Clinton has some advice for those who can't decide between his wife and Barack Obama:

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  1. By Nick. Comment posted 01-Mar-2008 @10:37am:
  2. By Indigo Kid. Comment posted 01-Mar-2008 @11:06am:
    So all of the 'fear' ads Hillary has been running mean what?

    Would there have been an Al Qaida 'problem' if Bill had taken out Obama when he had the chance?
  3. By Roberto. Comment posted 01-Mar-2008 @11:54am:
    If you cant beat your opponent, join him!
  4. By Brent. Comment posted 01-Mar-2008 @12:06pm:
    You didn't mean "Osama", did you, Indigo?
  5. By major_danny. Comment posted 01-Mar-2008 @12:23pm:
    I think I'm more sick of Bill than I am of Hil. Barack is starting to annoy me as well. Let's vote tomorrow!
  6. By Morgan. Comment posted 01-Mar-2008 @01:21pm:
    I'd to see if SNL catches this and works with it.
  7. By JMT. Comment posted 01-Mar-2008 @01:28pm:
    It now appears that Jack Nicholson is shilling for Hillary with what is, quite possibly, one of the cheesiest commercials yet.

    Might be worthy of a post.

  8. By decibelcat. Comment posted 01-Mar-2008 @01:35pm:
    By Morgan:
    I'd to see if SNL catches this and works with it.

    If they don't, Bill Maher will.
  9. By don. Comment posted 01-Mar-2008 @03:26pm:
    Obama makes us Hope. Hillary makes us Think. The Twain need to meet.
  10. By Blayne. Comment posted 01-Mar-2008 @04:31pm:
    Jack will always be my main man no matter what stupid political decisions he makes.
  11. By Mary. Comment posted 01-Mar-2008 @04:46pm:
    Jack always did have good sense.

    Right on, don!
  12. By Blayne. Comment posted 01-Mar-2008 @04:50pm:
    Boy, I gotta tell you though, that last one about sexy and saluting pretty much creeped me out.
  13. By Derek. Comment posted 03-Mar-2008 @06:44am:
    I think I saw John Kerry in the crowd which makes me think Bill said this during the last presidential election. Since then, everyone, including the Clintons, have learned that fear and scare tactics DO work. So, they have adopted them.
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