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Tuesday, 02 January, 2007

Annual Edge Question
(with comments)

Here's the Edge Annual Question for 2007: What are you optimistic about? Why?

160 short essays by "third culture thinkers."

(Thanks Pancho)

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  1. By Curtis. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @09:44am:
    I live a fairly optimistic life, but I find this annual Edge event less interesting than what they do the rest of the year. You want to hear a real optimist? Listen to Leonard Cohen interviewed by Terry Gross from yesterday's Fresh Air.
  2. By major_danny. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @10:28am:
    Good links, both. (incl. Cohen) Thanks, guys!
  3. By major_danny. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @11:44am:
    I was only able to listen to about fifteen minutes of the WMP link to the Leonard Cohen interview before it stopped inexplicably. I'll have to try the RealAudio link later. Great interview anyway. Terry Gross is one of the best interviewers, especially regarding modern culture or pop culture.
  4. By Dinsdale Piranha. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @11:51am:
    yes that was annoying the damn link broke half way thru the interview
  5. By Debb. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @02:14pm:
    No one really answered the question so I will. My personal life is gonna get better, as in, I'm finally gonna have one. That changes my entire outlook on life.
  6. By Joe. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @02:55pm:
  7. By Curtis. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @03:07pm:
    Hey, sorry DP and m_d-- didn't know the link would break. Still worth listening to the rest in a few days when they fix the link, he says some great stuff towards the last 15 minutes and recites a tremendous poem. His comments about being an old man who is still enslaved by beauty were particularly true, funny and biting.
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