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Monday, 02 April, 2007

Airline Ratings
(with comments)

The results are in: 2006 Airline Quality Ratings (PDF file).

Criteria included in the AQR are screened to meet two basic elements: They must be readily obtainable from published data sources for each airline, and they must be important to consumers regarding airline quality. The resulting criteria include areas such as baggage handling, customer complaints, denied boardings and on-time arrivals.

The ranking is for the 18 largest airlines.

  1. Hawaiian
  2. Jet Blue
  3. Air Tran
  4. Frontier
  5. Northwest
  6. Southwest
  7. Continental
  8. United
  9. Alaska
  10. American
  11. ATA
  12. Delta
  13. US Air
  14. SkyWest
  15. Mesa
  16. COMAIR
  17. American Eagle
  18. Atlantic Southeast

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  1. By KeithS. Comment posted 02-Apr-2007 @08:32am:
    Wow! Are they *all* American?
  2. By Debb. Comment posted 02-Apr-2007 @12:14pm:
    I flew to and from Chicago in early March. Chicago got a sleet storm the day before I was scheduled to return. This resulted in over 500 cancellations at both airports. When I arrived the following day, there were still delays in maneuvering airplanes to make gates free. We sat on the tarmac for 40 minutes waiting for an open gate. At minute 20, you heard rumblings of, "They better not Jet Blue us." How quickly a company can become a figure of speech.
  3. By Jim. Comment posted 02-Apr-2007 @06:51pm:
    Northwest?! Is this an April Fool?

    No British Air? It's got to be an April Fool!
  4. By Bisbonian. Comment posted 03-Apr-2007 @07:44am:
    Yeah, Jim...well, I really shouldn't comment.
  5. By Imagineer. Comment posted 03-Apr-2007 @02:53pm:
    Flying in Canada? Skip Air Canada--the locals do--and fly WestJet.

    First jet I've ever flown on with a toilet paper race--one roll per each side of seats started unrolling at front seats and passed to the person behind you to the rear of the plane, then rerolled same way to the front--to see which side of the plane disembarked first. My side lost but we jammed the aisles just for fun.
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