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Monday, 01 January, 2007

Advances In Board Games
(with comments)

For kids: Intelligent Design vs. Evolution Board Game.

At last, a board game that reveals the insanity of perhaps the greatest hoax of our times -- the unscientific "theory of evolution."

Ken Ham (the Answers in Genesis guy) likes it:

"Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron are doing much more than revealing the bankruptcy of molecules-to-man evolution. They have a greater purpose: proclaiming biblical authority and reaching the lost with the precious gospel message. Enjoy this wonderful family game as you also become better equipped to defend our precious Christian faith.

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  1. By another larry. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @10:29am:
    borded game
  2. By Haffy. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @10:39am:
    New Year, same rubbish. Oh well.
  3. By Fred. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @11:14am:
    Religion is a game? What's new for 2007?
  4. By Toad. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @12:20pm:
    Do not pass biology class. Do not collect $200.
  5. By Moon. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @05:05pm:
    Come on! I'm sure this is as fair and balanced as Fox News! What's your beef?
  6. By Joe. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @05:45pm:
    if their faith is right, and us unbelivers are going to hell, why does it need "defending"?
  7. By ~Q~. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @06:56pm:
    Is there a brimstone trump card?

    I thought Cameron disappeared into his own private rapture. Damn.
  8. By pterosonus. Comment posted 01-Jan-2007 @10:27pm:
    Brainwash 'em while they're young!
  9. By b.beau brinker. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @12:08am:
    It elicited interesting comments from the gang at FSTDT.
  10. By Greenboy. Comment posted 02-Jan-2007 @06:25am:
    I dont understand the phrase 'biblical authority', Im sure given this type of providence there are a lot of Star Wars fans that can cite 'jedi authority' and dont forget the Star Treckers!
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