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Thursday, 31 May, 2007

A-Rod Regresses 20 Years
(with comments)

Little Major League Baseball news: Yankees win, Blue Jays unhappy with A-Rod's verbal antics.

Alex Rodriguez helped the New York Yankees end their five-game losing streak with his bat - and his mouth.

Rodriguez distracted Toronto third baseman Howie Clark by shouting at him on a key popup in the ninth inning, touching off arguments all over the field, and the Yankees beat the Blue Jays 10-5 Wednesday night...

Replays showed Rodriguez shouting something, and Clark backed off at the last second. McDonald was only a few steps behind Clark, but couldn't make the catch and ball dropped for an RBI single.

"I don't know what my intention was," Rodriguez said. "I didn't say, 'I got it' or anything like that."

Clark claimed Rodriguez called for the ball.

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  1. By another larry. Comment posted 31-May-2007 @09:57am:
    Baseball has been berry berry good to me.
  2. By Ralph. Comment posted 31-May-2007 @11:09am:
    Just one more reason why A-Rod, as good a baseball player as he is, will never be a complete elite athlete.
  3. By Sheldon. Comment posted 31-May-2007 @11:23am:
    People playing a game based on how much steriods they take, arguing about class. I guess it's the steroids talking. Baseball is what I played when I was a child. This is Steroids Ball. Let me know when somebody starts throwing pizza though, that is awesome!
  4. By Doug. Comment posted 31-May-2007 @11:44am:

    At 2:20 - looks like Rodriguez shouts "Mine!"
  5. By Doug. Comment posted 31-May-2007 @11:58am:
    This one still works..for now...
  6. By Gary. Comment posted 31-May-2007 @01:14pm:
    Don'T see what's the problem. did he broke any rules? I see it as a kind of smart move. Anyway, losers always complains... hehe
  7. By Ralph. Comment posted 31-May-2007 @01:37pm:
    Yeh, he did break the rules -- interference with the defensive play. It is not allowed under the rules.

    Rule 7.08 states, "Any runner is out when ...(b) He intentionally interferes with a thrown ball; or hinders a fielder attempting to make a play on a batted ball.".

    INTERFERENCE is defined as, "(a) Offensive interference is an act by the team at bat which interferes with, obstructs, impedes, hinders or confuses any fielder attempting to make a play.".
  8. By meg_mac. Comment posted 31-May-2007 @02:20pm:
    The Yankees prove the saying 'The best that money can buy is not the best team on the field'
  9. By 12-stringer. Comment posted 31-May-2007 @02:30pm:
    All's fair in love, war, and paid "professional" sports?
  10. By Dan. Comment posted 31-May-2007 @03:27pm:
    I heard this email, read on-air, that was sent to a national radio host today: "Hey A-Rod, great job, as that trick works every time. Signed, 12-year old Little Leaguer."

    A-Rod's psychological issues are well-documented.

    He should visit Rance and clear his head with some scenery.
  11. By jack williamson. Comment posted 01-Jun-2007 @05:42am:
    Same guy that swatted the ball out of Arroyo's glove in the '04 Series
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