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Saturday, 07 February, 2009

A Big Tamale
(with comments)

The world's largest tamale.

This could also be labeled as the world's first manually operated sewage treatment plant.

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  1. By Oolon Colluphid. Comment posted 07-Feb-2009 @07:00pm:
    Wow! Where did they find a corn leaf that huge?

    I didn't understand the language, but in the middle, where they were digging around with their fingers, I'm pretty sure they were saying, "Where did my ring go?"
  2. By Pancho. Comment posted 07-Feb-2009 @07:21pm:
    Oolon, your comment reminded me of "Los Tacos del Mocho", a taco stand in Monterrey I frequented in another life. El Mocho was the owner and his nickname is slang for amputee. The guy was magical with the butcher knife and had 4 fingers left on the left to prove it. But his tacos were mmmm..... finga'lickin good. (literally).
  3. By Dr. Spammy. Comment posted 08-Feb-2009 @09:47am:
    The final steps in the Exxon Valdez cleanup.
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