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Monday, 04 October, 2010

Your Sinuses Can Stay At My Place
(with comments)

From the days when commercials were entertaining, rather than obnoxious. Well… this was probably pretty obnoxious after seeing it two or three times.

(Thanks polly)

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  1. By CathyG. Comment posted 04-Oct-2010 @07:46pm:
    Does Arizona still have that reputation? My parents actually moved to Arizona in the 60's for my mom's allergies. But now the haze in the Phoenix skyline causes lots of "don't go outside to breath" days.
  2. By Inti. Comment posted 04-Oct-2010 @08:20pm:
    Hm, my sinuses would probably look a little too Mexican to some CBP officers... sorry, I think I'll pass.
  3. By Inti. Comment posted 04-Oct-2010 @08:21pm:
    But, that being said, my sinuses would LOVE to visit J-Walk.
  4. By Gal Heathen. Comment posted 04-Oct-2010 @09:03pm:
    My grandparents sinuses got sent from Lafayette, IN to AZ in the 60's. Maybe the problem was the 3 packs of cigs they smoked every day. They both ended up dying of lung cancer in a hospital in Mesa. Stupid allergies.
  5. By Don Coyote. Comment posted 04-Oct-2010 @09:11pm:
    Think I'd rather send my mucous to Las Cruces.
  6. By Kaleberg. Comment posted 04-Oct-2010 @09:15pm:
    1960s nose science offered us Arizona and the nasograph. I think Arizona is still around.
  7. By Don Coyote. Comment posted 04-Oct-2010 @09:20pm:
    Not to mention Phoenex Tissues.
  8. By TMNT. Comment posted 05-Oct-2010 @12:59am:
    Well well well, there's a saying that advertisements are half truths based on whole lies....
  9. By sekirt. Comment posted 05-Oct-2010 @03:40am:
    If a big suitcase arrives at your house, it is probably me and my shadow sinuses!


    YouTube - Frank Sinatra & Sammy Davis Jr - Me and my shadow:
  10. By Wendy!. Comment posted 05-Oct-2010 @10:01am:
    I am trying to schedule a flight but I can't find Big Suitcase airlines. Do they only fly into Arizona?
  11. By Tranjo. Comment posted 05-Oct-2010 @12:11pm:
    I sent my sinuses to Arizona
    I sent my liver to Peru
    I sent my lungs and my kidneys
    For the summer to Sydney
    But I'm sending my heart to you!

    -- George Carlin

    from a reaaaaly old album, pre-"7 dirty words" era.
  12. By Derek K. Miller. Comment posted 05-Oct-2010 @04:52pm:
    I'd heard that Carlin song on the radio decades ago, but never knew who it was. Thanks, Tranjo.
  13. By Minderbinder. Comment posted 06-Oct-2010 @06:56pm:
    Back in the Al Sleet days. Miss you George.
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