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Friday, 14 October, 2011

Woman Defends Husband’s Faith
(with comments)

A touching story about Anita Perry: GOP attacking husband ‘because of his faith'

Rick-Perry-Anita-Perry-AFP Texas First Lady Anita Perry says that her husband is being persecuted by the media and the Republican establishment “because of his faith.”

“It’s been a rough month,” Anita Perry told supporters at North Greenville University Thursday. “We’ve been brutalized, eaten up and chewed up in the press.”

“After Rick had won being elected for the governorship for the third time in Texas, there was a nagging, a pulling at my heart for him to run for president,” she recalled. “You know what we have no leadership in Washington. We have nobody to guide our country… God was already speaking to me, but he didn’t want to hear it… He felt like he needed to see the burning bush. I said, ‘Look, let me tell you something. You may not see that burning bush but there are people who see that burning bush for you.”

Anita Perry continued: “So he truly felt like he was called to do this. We still feel called to do this. We are being brutalized by our opponents in our own party. So much of that is, I think they look at him because of his faith.”

The couple is shown here posing with a bottle of water.

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  1. By RobertSeattle. Comment posted 14-Oct-2011 @08:20am:
    Can she identify the person who put a gun to her husband's head and forced him to run for President?

    What a whiner.
  2. By Onecos. Comment posted 14-Oct-2011 @08:29am:
    The couple is shown here posing with a bottle of water

    Are you sure it's really filled with water?
  3. By Jake Djibouti. Comment posted 14-Oct-2011 @09:04am:
    It's really distasteful of her to make this claim of religious bias against her husband in the same week Perry's preacher friend called Romney's Mormonism a cult.
  4. By Bisbonian. Comment posted 14-Oct-2011 @09:08am:
    Distasteful? Hypocritical. Of course, Perry has already pointed out that HE didn't say it, the preacher did...so he's off the hook.
  5. By Bisbonian. Comment posted 14-Oct-2011 @10:00am:
    I was being sarcastic. Of course he owns it...but he later denied owning it.

    Perry said Friday, “We clearly said we didn’t agree with that statement. But on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” the Texas governor also said, “The issue is, are we going to tell people what they can say? And I’m not going to be one of those.”

    Doubly hypocritical.
  6. By banjo brad. Comment posted 14-Oct-2011 @10:02am:
    How about God, then.

    He has now asked at least 2 (that I know of) the candidates to run, Perry and Bachman (sp?).
  7. By bifocal sunday. Comment posted 14-Oct-2011 @10:06am:
    Not much he could do or say to be worse than what we've got.
  8. By Jake Djibouti. Comment posted 14-Oct-2011 @10:31am:
  9. By meg_mac. Comment posted 14-Oct-2011 @10:31am:
    Has she ever heard of separation of church and state? Isn't that what we are supposed to be aiming for? Keep your faith lady just don't push it on the rest of us.
  10. By soubriquet. Comment posted 14-Oct-2011 @11:13am:
    Whilst I'm no admirer of George Bush, either the younger or elder, I think this woman is somewhat inflammatory in inciting their ignition.
  11. By mmmark. Comment posted 14-Oct-2011 @11:27am:
    Boy that God is something else. He tells lots of people to run for president, and forgets that only one can win! Maybe he's not speaking clearly enough. He needs to be more specific: "I, God, want you, Richard Perry, to be president." And if I were Perry (or Cain, or Bachmann), I'd get it in writing before I'd stick my neck out.

    I wonder if Moses had to win a primary before he got to lead the Israelites out of slavery?
  12. By Ense. Comment posted 14-Oct-2011 @04:23pm:
    Lived in Texas the hole time Perry has been Guv, never seen a picture of his wife. Of course, the only time I ever paid attention to Perry was to vote against him on election day.
  13. By DonL. Comment posted 14-Oct-2011 @06:35pm:
    I don't know what it's like to have a burning bush, but I'm sure it's serious.
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