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Thursday, 13 January, 2011

Where Do The Royalty Checks Go?
(with comments)

Lots of books listed at Amazon are written by God. For example:

by god

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  1. By Toad. Comment posted 13-Jan-2011 @07:32am:
    Too bad he lost his copyright.
  2. By Sue Dunham. Comment posted 13-Jan-2011 @07:35am:
    I learned recently that HRH Queen Elizabeth II gets the royalties from the King James Bible.
  3. By Lamont Dougherty. Comment posted 13-Jan-2011 @07:44am:
    God is a plagiarist. Substantial portions of that book were written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul and Peter.
  4. By Woodzy. Comment posted 13-Jan-2011 @08:18am:
    Amazon probable cut a check and is waiting for a pickup (must show proof/ID).
  5. By Scott. Comment posted 13-Jan-2011 @09:12am:
    Disaffected faculty usually act out in peculiar ways:

    Top Ten Reasons God Won't Get Tenure

    1. Only published one book.

    2. It was in Hebrew.

    3. There is doubt He wrote it Himself.

    4. When one experiment went awry, He tried to cover it up by drowning all the subjects.

    5. When sample subjects do not behave as predicted, He deletes the whole sample.

    6. He rarely comes to class-just tells His students to read the Book.

    7. It is rumored that He sometimes lets His Son teach the class.

    8. Although He only has 10 requirements, His students often fail His tests.

    9. He expelled His first two students for learning.

    10. His office hours are infrequent and usually held on a mountain top.
  6. By Pterosonus. Comment posted 13-Jan-2011 @11:02pm:
    I think they should go to the heirs of Lou Gottleib of the folk group The Limelighters. He fought an unsuccessful battle to legally change his name to "God". Would you recognize God if you saw him walking among us? I rest my case.
  7. By Jakartass. Comment posted 14-Jan-2011 @03:36am:
    But why did it only get 3 stars?

    I must be better than Him, Her or It because my tome gets 4 and a half.

    And I bet you Excel as well, J.
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