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Wednesday, 14 September, 2011

Wavy Scrollbars
(with comments)

One of those Chrome browser experiments that will keep you amused for at least 30 seconds: Move mouse over scrollbar thumb to make waves.


It also works in Firefox, but not very well.

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  1. By WhatDidYouSay?. Comment posted 14-Sep-2011 @12:46pm:
    that will keep you amused for at least 30 seconds

    I think that's a new record for denizens of this particular part of the blogosphere!
  2. By Mean Jean. Comment posted 14-Sep-2011 @01:58pm:
    Gawd dang it I'm going to miss boring s**t like this.
  3. By Norman Clature. Comment posted 14-Sep-2011 @03:02pm:
    Wavy Scrollbars

    Sounds like the name of an old time band.
  4. By bleak. Comment posted 15-Sep-2011 @06:06pm:
    Needs sound.
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