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Sunday, 24 July, 2011

The Brevik Manifesto In Kindle Format
(with comments)

Every crazy terrorist needs a manifesto: Anders Behring Brevik Posted Massive Manifesto And Video Online.

manifesto His targets: Marxists, Muslims, “suicidal humanists,” and “global capitalists.” His goal: “the European civil war: 1999-2083.” His view of himself: a Knight’s Templar, a crusading Christian warrior defending monoculture, patriarchy, and “European isolationism.”

Anders Behring Breivik, who confessed to Friday’s bombing and shooting massacre in Norway that have left 93 dead, posted these and many more messages online in a video and giant 1,500-page manifesto, which police are now reading in detail, according to the Associated Press.

I made a copy of the manifesto that you can read on your Kindle.

Right-click and save to your computer: manifesto.prc. Then copy it via USB to your Kindle's Documents directory. Or, you can email it to your Kindle.

I haven't read it, and I probably won't. My Kindle has too many other books waiting in line.

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  1. By Evil Klown. Comment posted 24-Jul-2011 @10:20am:
    1500 pages? Nay.
  2. By thompsongunner. Comment posted 24-Jul-2011 @12:36pm:
    Norway has now had their 911, they should go to war with ahhh .... some unrelated country that has a large population of people of the same religion as their terrorist. Maybe Greece?
  3. By banjo brad. Comment posted 24-Jul-2011 @03:32pm:
    He sounds sort of like our old pal the unibomber.

    Kasinski, that's his name (maybe not how it's spelled).
  4. By Bisbonian. Comment posted 24-Jul-2011 @05:39pm:
    Exactly, thompsongunner.

    I would think that anyone who had this downloaded onto their computer is in serious danger of being charged with terrorism, at some point...so no, thanks.
  5. By banjo brad. Comment posted 24-Jul-2011 @07:06pm:
    I heard on the news a short while ago that he actually modeled his manifesto after the unibomber's, even copying large blocks of text from the original.
  6. By Inti. Comment posted 25-Jul-2011 @01:48am:
    Yeah he copied parts of Unabomber's. Still that'd be only 50 pages to account for. The other 1450 pages are full of analysis of Islam, history, and instructions on bombmaking and nuclear attacks.

    The journal part is chilling; he cheerfully describes how he prepared his attack over 9 years, making millions in stock options and founding farming and mining companies, for the sole purpose of financing his terrorist strike.

    He's like a James Bond villain or something.
  7. By Evil Klown. Comment posted 25-Jul-2011 @03:59am:
    thompsongunner: Norway has now had their 911 ...

    Looks more like an "Oklahoma City" to me, you know ... home-grown self-proclaimed-Christian and so forth.
  8. By Snag. Comment posted 25-Jul-2011 @04:29am:
    Not interested in his drivel or what makes him tick.
    Slow-roasting would be too good for this sick p.o.s.
  9. By T-bane. Comment posted 25-Jul-2011 @09:31am:
    This is different:
    Father of Norway mass murderer Breivik: my son should have killed himself

    The estranged father of Norway killer Anders Behring Breivik has disowned his son, saying that he should have taken his own life instead of those of the 76 people he killed.
  10. By T-bane. Comment posted 25-Jul-2011 @12:28pm:
    His father seems to be well-informed. Today the police reduced the death toll from 93 down to 76.
  11. By A European. Comment posted 25-Jul-2011 @04:01pm:

    Don't be stupid.

    Your analogy should be: "Perhaps they should go to war with the subset of people in the country that shared his beliefs and consequently supported war against those who disagreed with his ideas and his right to use murderous violence to enforce them." Which would be... Exactly. No one.

    Islam, on the other hand, is a radical, violent ideology at war with the west and supported by the governments of Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Northern Sudan, Turkey, Bosnia, Malaysia, Indonesia... Bloody long list, actually. I'll save myself the trouble: http://www.oic-oci.org.
  12. By Kath. Comment posted 25-Jul-2011 @06:54pm:
    So, what's the significance of 2083?
  13. By Onecos. Comment posted 26-Jul-2011 @08:19pm:
    So, what's the significance of 2083?

    550 years after the fall of Constantinople where Muslims were defeated. Something like that.
  14. By Bhaskar. Comment posted 27-Jul-2011 @12:41pm:
    I am just way too curious to know what was running in the crazy man's head. Surely, people close to him would've known his sociopathic nature!
  15. By me. Comment posted 27-Jul-2011 @02:31pm:
    thanks for posting. i'm interested in what he wrote especially considering that there will be a lot of psychiatrists and psychologists talking ######## about this case.

    @brevik: his trial is not only about him being a killer but a decision on religion. if he's a christian he could just claim that he didn't do anything wrong because god will resurect his victims after the apocalypsis. its ridiculous(and would just proof him even more mad) and he broke gods commandments, but they say paradise is better than earth so in the end he just sent his victims to a better place. this is not meant to defend him but the churches have a big influence on public opinion, so if someone takes their dogmas for real and gets in trouble thereby he could simply blame them(remember the spree killings when people blamed pc games for making somebody a killer? everybody belived that, but seriously: i've never seen a pc game tell you that you are immortal in real life - but a lot of priests and clergy).
  16. By Truth123. Comment posted 29-Jul-2011 @11:34am:
    Brevik was a high ranking freemason / super Zionist

    Zionists control this planet !

    Wake up peeps !!!
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