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Saturday, 27 August, 2011

Sunday Caption Contest
(with comments)

Can you provide a caption for this photo? We're looking for something better than this: "The girls worked hard because every minute counts."

every minute

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  1. By BobK. Comment posted 27-Aug-2011 @03:29pm:
    The minutes count in Mrs. Smith's class, but the students don't because math is hard.
  2. By BobK. Comment posted 27-Aug-2011 @03:35pm:
    Come on girls, only 69,120 left until the world as we know it ceases to exist.
  3. By chazunga. Comment posted 27-Aug-2011 @04:03pm:
    She'd never have had the courage to quit her miserable job without the help of that sign.
  4. By lobstah. Comment posted 27-Aug-2011 @04:11pm:
    The MinuteWomen
  5. By lobstah. Comment posted 27-Aug-2011 @04:19pm:
    You!!, front seat, center row...GET BACK TO WORK !!!
  6. By Craig L. Comment posted 27-Aug-2011 @04:23pm:
    They had to remove the old sign because of the typo. it said "Tom Waits For No One".
  7. By Mean Jean. Comment posted 27-Aug-2011 @05:08pm:
    During their coffee break all the girls texted madly.
  8. By Wendy!. Comment posted 27-Aug-2011 @05:20pm:
    She's a swell plane - give us more!
  9. By J-Walk. Comment posted 27-Aug-2011 @05:21pm:
    Rosie would rather be riveting.
  10. By christopher. Comment posted 27-Aug-2011 @06:41pm:
    Eleanor was fired when she wasted 15 seconds looking at the floor. Turning in her uniform -and walking home in her undergarments, was the final humiliation.
  11. By Ense. Comment posted 27-Aug-2011 @11:53pm:
  12. By Cliff Hemple. Comment posted 28-Aug-2011 @05:13am:
    Apple Inc announces improved testing processes in order to get iPad 3 into production while Steve Jobs is still capable of launching it.
  13. By Arache. Comment posted 28-Aug-2011 @05:58am:
    Young Cathy thought to herself once this war is over we could take this concept overseas and make millions
  14. By Maven. Comment posted 28-Aug-2011 @06:24am:
    Somewhere in this building is a bomb... can you find it in time?
  15. By Scott in MN. Comment posted 28-Aug-2011 @06:41am:
    "If they would just sand the damned stair railing they wouldn't have to have all these stupid sliver removal stations."
  16. By will c. Comment posted 28-Aug-2011 @09:49am:
    don't know about a comment, but if anyone understood the message on the board it was the person in the back row, fifth seat from the front
  17. By Whitey. Comment posted 28-Aug-2011 @11:55am:
    Right Will, Time to get out of there.
  18. By yann. Comment posted 28-Aug-2011 @03:09pm:
    mint tea coconut ?
  19. By ~Q~. Comment posted 28-Aug-2011 @03:41pm:
    The Countesses of Monte Cristo
  20. By Bisbonian. Comment posted 28-Aug-2011 @06:05pm:
    "What is this stupid question! Is the typical pumpkin pie square or round? Every piece of pumpkin pie I have ever seen is triangular! And I've got to get this quick...EVERY MINUTE COUNTS"
  21. By Panamabob. Comment posted 28-Aug-2011 @08:13pm:
    Don't miss even one U-235 atom !
  22. By Doug. Comment posted 29-Aug-2011 @08:00am:
    I deciphered it!
  23. By meg_mac. Comment posted 29-Aug-2011 @11:51am:
    I gotta pee!!
  24. By soubriquet. Comment posted 30-Aug-2011 @03:14am:
    The girls are embroidering the um... images of the genitalia of tiny european aristocrats, for a limited edition of "Every Minute Count's...."
  25. By pianoarthur. Comment posted 01-Sep-2011 @02:38pm:
    ..tick..tock..tick..tock.. your child-bearing time is ending sooner than you think.
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